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Mornings as a Girl

I love spending the morning as a girl. Even on days when I'm not able to go outside as Lisa, there's still something very feminine about going through a normal girl's routine after waking up. For this entry, I thought I would detail a typical morning for Lisa.

morning as a girl in a pink cami and pantyhoseOne of my favorite things to do after getting up is to sit at the side of the bed and cross my legs in the morning light while I reflect on how fun it is to be girl. On this day I chose to sleep in a pink camisole and nylon shorts. I typically wear a nylon nightgown to bed, but I also love the feeling of a cotton camisole because it allows my hair to brush across my bare shoulders, one of the more subtle yet better sensations of being a girl.

My first pose of the morning is of me sitting on the floor in front of my bed instead of sitting on the edge of the bed and crossing my legs. I'm not sure why I chose this pose. Maybe I just wanted to try something new out. I love pictures of girls sitting on the floor whether they're painting their toenails or getting ready in front of a mirror. I suppose I wanted to see how I would look in such a position.

Many times I will hop in the shower first thing to wash up and then shave my legs and armpits, but if I've showered the night before then I will just get up and go.

cross dresser in front of her mirrorNext, it's doing my makeup and hair, and I really like this next picture of me checking my appearance in the bathroom mirror. Not only do I like my candid pose reflected in the mirror, but I like how you can also see my makeup and other things on the bathroom counter. I guess you could say my routine is quite simple. You'll probably notice from my pictures that I don't do my nails, and I don't wear any jewelry other than earrings. It's not that I don't want to wear these accessories, but I think I'm always in such a hurry just to get out and enjoy life that I take care of the bare minimum and then call it good.

As for my makeup, I start with a foundation and matching powder by CoverGirl. I next draw in my eyebrows and then work my way down from there applying eyeshadow and then cross dresser applying makeupmascara. I try to blend in three shades of eye shadow, and I really enjoy the smokey-eyed look, but I sometimes skip that method because I don't want to cake my eyes with eyeliner.

After my eyes are finished, I line my lips with a lip liner and then apply my lipstick. I always apply a lip gloss as well since shiny lips really enhance a girl's appearance. All in all, it's quite a simple routine that takes me about 20 minutes total. One day I would love to get my hair and makeup professionally done, but until then, I will have to live with my simple look.

Once my hair and makeup are acceptable, I next head to the kitchen to start breakfast. cross dresser in the kitchenThe first task in the kitchen is to boil water in the tea kettle since I prefer tea over coffee. Along with my tea, I usually enjoy something simple like a bagel or toast and then a little milk or juice. Breakfast is always important because I never know how caught up I will get during the day causing me to eat a very late lunch or skip it all together.

After breakfast, I head back to the bedroom to pick out my outfit for the day. On this particular day, I decided to do some shopping at Kohl's department store and browse their racks and racks of summer clearance items, so I wanted to wear a skirt and heels with my hair pulled back into a ponytail. I will always choose the appropriate shade of nylons for my outfit and then pull on a silky slip and sneak a look at myself in the full length mirror. Pictured here I am wearing a very short pink slip with a pretty lace design, nude pantyhose, and pink slingbacks with low heels.

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