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Joso Shumi

In my travels for work, I have been to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand, so I have become familiar to a degree with the crossdressing culture in Asia. I must also add that I've purchased my share of women's lingerie in most of those countries as well. I have two bra and panty sets from Japan along with multiple pairs of pantyhose and tights; I have pantyhose and tights from Korea; and I also have silk lingerie from Thailand.

As I've familiarized myself with the Asian crossdressing culture, I've learned a word from Japan that I just love called joso-shumi (written as
女装趣味 in Japanese characters if you want to copy and paste it into Google). Joso-shumi is made of up two words: joso, which means "girl's clothing" and shumi, which means "hobby." We all know that the need to crossdress goes deeper than just being a hobby, but I think it's the perfect phrase to describe my situation outwardly.

A hobby is defined as something you always want to do or a spare-time pursuit practiced for interest and enjoyment, so if I had to present it in checklist form, here are my answers:

crossdressing tips
crossdressing man in pantyhose and a skirtIt's interesting because there is no equivalent for a woman who likes to dress in men's clothing. The reason obviously is because women wearing men's clothing or even men's underwear has become completely acceptable and mainstream. Oh that it went both ways!

But since it doesn't, my crossdressing is a challenge to make myself appear as close to a woman as possible. It's one thing to dress in women's clothing around the house or wear women's lingerie under my clothing at work, but there's a far greater thrill to crossdressing in front of other people. In order to achieve that means without creating a disturbance, I have to perfect my appearance as a women as much as possible, which means I need to learn how to apply make-up, how to do my hair, how to present myself in current women's fashions, and how to assume female mannerisms. These and other things go beyond just the act of wearing women's clothing or underwear. This pursuit is exactly what I'd call a hobby, the hobby of dressing like a girl to the extent that you can pass in public.

When Japan gets serious about something, they usually do it better than anyone else, and I think they've hit the nail on the head with their term for crossdressing.

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