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Sunday Morning Walks in a Dress

As a cross dresser, whenever we want to venture out in public dressed as a woman, I think it's natural for us to want to wear a short skirt or dress, sexy nylons, and strappy high heels. Unfortunately, that's not how the mainstream population of females is generally dressed, so if you don't want to attract too much attention when dressed as a woman, you have to pick your spots carefully.

One tactic that I really enjoy is dressing up nicely on a Sunday morning and taking a walk through neighborhoods or areas where there is a church nearby. You hear the term Sunday best, so for a woman that generally means a dress or skirt, nylons, and a nice pair of heels. I'm all too happy to comply, so I take a lot of Sunday morning walks dressed as a woman.

 Pictured at right is me in a peach-colored Laura Ashley dress with small flowers as part of the pattern. The dress has short-sleeves, which makes it perfect to wear on a summer day.

One Sunday morning, I decided to wear this dress and take a stroll downtown where there is a concentration of churches spanning several city blocks. I took a nice book to read with me and a purse big enough to hold a bottle of water and headed out. Foot traffic is generally small on a Sunday morning, so it was very enjoyable to walk along the tree-lined streets wearing a pretty dress. I said hello to several older women who passed by and were dressed nicely as well as if they were going to church.

At one point, I found a nice bench in a shaded area and pulled out my book, but I couldn't really concentrate on it. I was too busy looking at my legs and trying to cross them just so in order for them to catch some sunlight breaking through the trees so I could see the shine on my pantyhosed legs.

After about two hours of strolling and sitting on benches, I decided to return home and get a few things done. As I was walking back to my car, a large group of young people came up behind me. The kids were dressed in shorts and tank tops and talking loudly, so I tried to time my pace so that I would catch the cross walk at the next busy intersection at a green light. I didn't, so the group of teenagers came up right behind me and stood at the corner with me waiting for the light to turn. I grew quite nervous, but the teens were too busy talking amongst themselves to really notice me. I guess it helped that they could only see me from behind.

All in all it was a very pleasant day, and something I really enjoy doing on Sunday mornings as it gives me a nice excuse to go out in public wearing a dress and nice heels. Click here for several pictures of me in my peach-colored Laura Ashley dress and pink sling-back heels.

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