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Crossdressed for Halloween

October is such an exciting month for crossdressers because Halloween is just on the horizon, and even if we don't get to cross dress for Halloween, it's still so fun to look at all of the ads for costumes. If you're anything like me, you don't care a single whit about boy costumes and are only interested in girl costumes. I love to visit costume shops and look at the petticoats, the tights, the short dresses, the wigs, and the huge selection of lacy tights and pantyhose. It's also a perfect time to purchase girl things that we use in our everyday crossdressing activities. If you need a pair of false eyelashes, there's an unlimited supply in October. If you're nervous about purchasing your first wig, Halloween is the best time to do it. If you need a new shade of lipstick, there's an easy excuse to buy it. People go crazy for Halloween, so if you are a timid cross dresser and have never purchased anything out of fear or embarrassment, October is the perfect month for you.

I was talking to my girl friend, Danielle, about the first time she cross dressed in front of her wife, and her situation was exactly like mine: she crossdressed for Halloween with her wife's full blessing. The more Danielle and I talked about our experiences and what happened after Halloween, however, the more I realized we were extremely similar in our circumstances, and I recognize a pattern here that I think applies to more than just the two of us girls. I talk briefly about my coming out so to speak for Halloween in 2002 on My Crossdressing History page, but there are a few more details that I would like to add regarding how cross dressing affects our spouses. Using my experience and Danielle's experience from dressing up as girls for Halloween provides a good backdrop for my reflections in this diary entry.

crossdressed as a ballerina for halloweenBefore that marvelous Halloween nearly 10 years ago, I was openly wearing pantyhose with my wife's blessing. I also had a pair of panties that I would wear with them, and while my wife was not nearly as happy about that, she still eventually came to accept it. The difference in her opinion of my wearing pantyhose vs. wearing panties is that I was honest and open with her regarding my pantyhose. We were separated by thousands of miles with me on a business trip to Korea, but we were still able to instant message and talk every day. It was so cold in Korea, and I was not prepared for the weather, so one night during our conversation, I told my wife that I needed some thermal underwear for my lower body, but since I had no idea where to purchase them in Korea, I instead purchased a pair of thick tights from the convenience store in my hotel. She actually praised the idea and had no problem with it. I ended up taking home three pairs of tights and pantyhose in my suitcase and openly showed her once I was home. Her reaction was the same as if I had unpacked normal socks from my suitcase. She did not mind at all that I now owned three pairs of tights and pantyhose, and she even inspected the new tights and commented on their high quality. Every time I wore a suit the rest of that winter, I would pull on a pair of opaque tights instead of my usual socks, and my wife thought nothing of it.

crossdressing for halloween in a pink leotard and pantyhoseRegarding my wearing panties, that is a completely different story because I wasn't up front with her about it; rather, my panties were discovered by her mother of all people. My wife was initially worried that I was having an affair, but I was very open with her and said that I preferred wearing panties with pantyhose because they were much lighter and the elastic in the waistband and legs was much smaller and more comfortable. While she eventually came around and accepted that I like to wear panties, her reaction was completely different because I was not open with her and hid my panties. What I learned from that experience is that honesty is definitely the best policy.

Back to my discussion of crossdressing for Halloween, I had been openly wearing panties and pantyhose for about a year prior to my dressing up as a girl for Halloween, so sometime in September when we were discussing what everyone would dress up as this year, I suggested that I could go as a pregnant woman. My wife was pregnant at the time, and since she knew that I liked to wear at least some girl things, she would actually suggest that I try on her new maternity clothes whenever they would come in the mail after ordering them online. She got the biggest kick out of seeing me dress up in her clothes, and it was the same reaction she had to seeing other men dressed up like girls. Two popular movies--especially among us girls--is Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire for obvious reasons. My wife is in stitches every time she watches those movies, and any other time she sees a man dressed as a woman, she watches intently as if it's the funniest thing ever. Even before I started cross dressing in front of her, any time she ever saw a man dressed as a woman her reaction was not negative at all; rather, she thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

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