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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 7
(Spring 2010 Exploring My Feminine Side)

My favorite part of any crossdressing website or blog is the pictures, so it's no wonder that whenever I am dressed up like a girl I take lots of them. I group my crossdressing pictures according to the outfit I was wearing and call them my crossdresser fashion shows. All of the crossdressing pictures in my gallery are clean and tasteful. This set are photos that I took in March 2010.  Enjoy!

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a crossdresser in a white see-through blouse and yellow a-line skirt with suntan pantyhose and black high heels
Posted: March 2010

This is an outfit that I would rarely wear out into public, but it's a very special outfit to me because this is how I was cross dressed for Halloween 2002 when I really came out of the closet as a cross dresser. This blouse is 100% polyester and very out of style, but it has a nice silky feel to it, and it highlights my bra from behind nicely. This skirt is a pretty a-line skirt with a small floral print. I enjoy wearing this skirt as it gives me quite a feminine figure even when I tuck in my blouse. I'm wearing suntan pantyhose and black heels to complete the outfit

Click here to see enlarged photos of this outfit

crossdressing picture in a lace cami and denim capris
Posted: March 2010

This is a favorite outfit of mine to wear when I want to shop crossdressed because it allows me to dress casually while at the same time layering my top over a cute lace cami and sneaking on a pair of nude pantyhose to wear with my open toe sandals. This top is a long-sleeved v-neck in a powder blue that I am layering over a white camisole with lace at the bottom. I'm wearing capri denim jeans by Old Navy with black Aerosole sandals. I'm wearing nude pantyhose underneath to give my lower body a better figure along with the sheer enjoyment I get out of wearing nylons.

Click here to see enlarged photos of this outfit

cross dressing a white blouse, white bra, red wook skirt, and nude pantyhose
Posted: March 2010

This is a fun outfit to wear in the spring time when it's still a bit chilly outside. My top is a white cotton blouse from Banana Republic, and my wool skirt has a cute striped pattern. I'm wearing nude pantyhose with this outfit and brown mary jane flats. The pantyhose provide warmth and support, yet the nude shade maintains the casual look of this outfit. A young girl in her twenties probably wouldn't wear this outfit, but someone older like me can get away with it and not stand out too much.  I'm also pleased with the way my bra is presented with this blouse.

Click here to see enlarged photos of this outfit

crossdressing a sweater dress with black leggings and suntan pantyhose
Posted: March 2010

This is another fun cross dressing outfit that doesn't require a skirt or dress. I love the fashion of wearing leggings beneath a short dress or skirt, so in this outfit I am wearing black knee-length leggings beneath a short red skirt dress. The dress is sleeveless, so I am accessorizing it with a long sleeve white tee shirt underneath. This red sweater dress also ties up in the back allowing me to tighten the waist line and create a better figure. Beneath my leggings I am wearing suntan pantyhose and my Ferragamo pumps.

Click here to see enlarged photos of this outfit

crossdressing a Banana Republic top with a long denim skirt and suntan pantyhose
Posted: March 2010

This is the second top I purchased once I came out to my wife that I was a cross dresser (the first top was the white blouse I wore for Halloween). This is long a cotton top in light yellow with a black paisley pattern made by Banana Republic. This top is so comfortable and hugs my body so well, so when I wear this with something that gives volume to my hips, the result is a nice hour glass figure. I'm accessorizing this with my long denim skirt with suntan pantyhose underneath and brown Mary Jane flats to complete the outfit.

Click here to see enlarged photos of this outfit

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