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My Crossdressing Fashion Pictures - Page 25
(Winter 2014 Office Lady Outfits)

My fantasy one day is to work in an office as a girl. Regardless of whether or not the office had a dress code, I would dress like a lady every day. During the cooler months, I would be in pantyhose and tights every day, and I would show the other girls in the office how to dress. Someday I hope that dream comes true, but until it does, I'm limited to putting together outfits at home. In this collection of photos done in the winter of 2014, I'm modeling four different outfits perfect for the office including a cute casual outfit for one of those dress-down days.  And yes, I'm in pantyhose every day!

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Posted: Winter 2014

My first outfit consists of a sheer blouse matched with a pleated gray skirt that ends just above my knees. While this blouse is sheer, there is a large swath of beautiful ruffles around the neckline making it so I don't necessarily have to layer a cami underneath or wear a slip. My bra is quite prominent beneath this top, and so I have to make sure that it's tasteful. In this set of photos, I'm wearing a simple Maidenform padded bra in 36C beneath m blouse. Along with this polka dot blouse and skirt, I'm wearing sheer pantyhose in off black with a pair of black leather pumps. These days, I see many professional women pull their hair back tightly into a ponytail, and so I've done that as well providing a twist by pulling the ponytail back through band and flaring it out to he side. Large hoop earrings and even a pair of eyeglasses complete this smart look.

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Posted: Winter 2014

One of the first dresses I ever bought while shopping cross dressed as a girl was a sleeveless dress from the Gap that ended just above the knees and was made of a super comfy stretch fabric. I was so excited at the dress at the time, that I immediately went home and changed into it so I could dash to Costco and fill up the car with gas in this dress. The only caveat was that I had no confidence in wearing a sleeveless dress and so I layered it over a long sleeve white blouse. Over time as I learned to refine my look (and rid myself of guy tan lines), I became more confident while wearing this dress. It's color and sassy cut is perfect for the office, and so in these photos I'm wearing the dress over sheer black pantyhose with black heels perfect for an office lady. For that final touch, I'm wearing my hair down and parted to the side allowing for my signature hoop earrings to show through.

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Posted: Winter 2014

One of the best things about being a working girl is having money to spend on a sexy wardrobe. It's no coincidence that fashion-conscious women I've worked with in the past have always migrated to brand name clothing, especially for the office. In this outfit, I decide to add a bit of color into the office by choosing this pink and white stripe cotton blouse from Polo Ralph Lauren. The fit of this blouse is super snug and showcases the shape of my breasts perfectly. As a result, I've chosen to wear a white bra beneath the blouse from Victoria's Secret (another pricey brand that an office girl could afford). I'm pairing this top with a sharp black skirt that ends just above the knees meaning I'll give the guys plenty of opportunities to stare at my legs, which are perfectly clad in silky black nylons. The black leather pumps complete this perfect look for a lady at the office.

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Posted: Winter 2014

Okay, the weekend is just around the corner, so it's time to wear something casual to the office on Friday. For this outfit, I've chosen a sexy white camisole with a pretty cropped sweater in heather gray layered over the top. The sweater appropriately covers up my torso while letting the darling white lace show through around my neckline. Below the waist, I've chosen a silky floral skirt from Old Navy that ends just above the knees. This skirt is loose and free contributing to the casual theme. Since I still want to come across as a lady, I decide to wear pantyhose even though it is casual Friday. In this photo shoot, I've abandoned the more formal nylons in black and gray in favor of a sexy pair of suntan pantyhose that will surely catch the attention of the guys. My black ballet flats mean that I will be comfortable on my feet the entire day, and my hair pulled back and up into a tight ponytail completes this super cute look.

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