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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 24
(Summer 2013 Sexy Summer Outfits)

Hot summer days and nights usually call for dressing down to the bare minimum meaning lots of tanks, camis, and short cotton skirts, but a girl is still a girl regardless of the weather, and so sometimes it is still fun to put together sexy summer outfits. In these outfits I'm wearing a black bra over a lacy black top with a short skirt, sheer nylons, and heels; a fun summer dress in white with a touch of lace on the upper bodice; a fun keyhole top with hot pink skirt that I wore to Victoria's Secret; and a simple cotton blouse skirt combination perfect for making me feel like a girl.

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Posted: Summer 2013

I consider myself a conservative crossdresser, but from time to time I like to dress up in a sexy outfit. In the summer of 2013 I was shopping at a Vanity Fair outlet when I came across a black lacy top that would be perfect for wearing over a cute black bra. This top has a mostly lace front and then more fabric in the back making it acceptable to wear for a fun night on the town, but it still requires the perfect bra to wear underneath. In these photos I'm pairing the lace top with a short pencil skirt in black creating a wonderful combination that actually creates a nice figure. Along with the black top and skirt, I'm wearing sheer silky nylons in off black and then black leather pumps to complete this sexy look.  I actually did a photo shoot in this outfit around a billiards table, and now I just need to find an event where I can wear this outfit into public!

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Posted: Summer 2013

I was shopping at Ross earlier this year when I came across a Maidenform bra in white that was just my size with a price tag of $6.99. I ended up not purchasing the bra because I couldn't justify why I needed yet another bra in white, but once I returned home, I greatly regretted my decision, and so in the summer of 2013 I had a chance to go back to Ross to see if that same Maidenform bra was still available. To my delight it was still there, and so I gently removed it from the rack of bras and browsed around the rest of the store for anything that happened to jump out at me. I came across a white summer dress with a lace section around the upper bodice that would require the perfect bra underneath, and since I was holding that perfect bra in my hands, I decided to purchase this cute summer dress to wear with my new bra. In these pictures, I'm pairing the dress with suntan pantyhose and brown, sling back heels with an open toe.

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Posted: Summer 2013

One of the sexiest parts to being a girl is choosing the correct bra to wear with your top, and a new style of top that I experienced with this year is what's called a keyhole top where the sleeveless garment gathers around the neck area instead of straps across the shoulders. Wearing a conventional bra with straps that run up over the shoulders and down the back would be tacky, so this keyhole top requires a bra that has a crossback. I happen to own a teal bra that crosses in the back, and so I couldn't wait to wear it with this keyhole top. Along with this top in a navy blue, I paired it with a hot pink cotton skirt and black ballet flats, and then I was on my way to Victoria's Secret to purchase what else...a new pink bra!  In this set of cross dressing photos, you can see my cross back bra and my new purchase from VS.  :-)

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Posted: Summer 2013

Of the four outfits on this page, this would probably appear to be the least sexy to most people, but to me, this is about as sexy of an outfit that a girl can wear. My top is a simple short-sleeve cotton blouse by Izod with pretty embroidery around the color, and I'm also wearing a white Body by Victoria bra underneath this top providing the perfect combination. My skirt has such a fun pattern that is hard to describe in words, and it flares out gently from the waist creating a splendid figure, especially for a body type like mine. I'm matching this top and outfit with a pair of white corked wedge sandals and then completing the outfit with a sheer pair of nylons in a nude shade that still show my red painted toenails through the tips of my sandals. To me, dressing like the girl next door is the epitome of sexy, and so I've added this outfit to my collection on this page because it is the ideal outfit for a girl like me.

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