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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 23
(Spring 2013 Color, Color, Color)

I've definitely noticed the trend lately of bold, bright colors in casual fashion the past year and have taken advantage of new pink skinny jeans and other brightly-colored tops that I can't wait to wear out.  It appears that these bright color coordinates will continue into the 2013 summer season, and so for this set of photos, I've put together different spring outfits that include lots of color and that can also be worn out for a fun day of shopping. Bring on the warm weather because this girl is implementing lots of color for spring 2013.

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Posted: Spring 2013

You can tell that I have spring shopping on my mind when I slip into my pink heels. I normally don't like to wear heels out shopping due to my height, but there's just something about dressing up a little bit nicer for an afternoon of shopping. In this colorful outfit, I'm wearing a simple mint cotton top by Old Navy with a wide neck and short puff sleeves, and then I'm pairing it with a silky pink polka-dot skirt that has an equally silky liner that makes wearing this garment divine. In one of the pics in this set, I'm admiring the hem of the skirt revealing the pink liner.  I also never leave the house without wearing pantyhose, but since the weather is warming up, I don't want to bring too much attention to my legs, and so with this outfit I'm wearing Barely There by Hanes in their Silk Reflections line. Silk Reflections still make my legs look great, they are smooth and sexy, and they are perfect to wear beneath this skirt.

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Posted: Spring 2013

Before I get too much suntan on my arms, I needed to take some photos wearing a camisole, and so I chose my favorite cami from last year, a pretty cotton camisole from American Eagle in a lemon shade. This particular cami has an embroidered neckline with cute buttons in the front making it one of my favorites. After I looked at the pictures I realized that I should have worn a different bra since the straps on the bra I'm wearing here are a bit thick, but they line up nicely with the camisole straps and give my breasts a nice form. As for my lower half, I'm staying with the cotton theme by donning my light chocolate cotton tie-skirt from Old Navy that is perfect for a quick shopping trip or just wearing around the house. I also get to wear a silky half slip beneath this skirt, so that's an added bonus. I wanted to create a bare legs look, and so I'm wearing Hanes Silk Reflections again with open-toe sling back sandals.

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Posted: Spring 2013

Okay, I guess white cannot be considered colorful, but this darling knee-length skirt with pretty eyelet embroidery is just too cute to pass up. Besides, I'm wearing it with a frilly blue blouse and my pink heels, and so I'm counting it as part of my colorful spring wardrobe. :-) My blouse is one of the favorite tops that I introduced last year and has darling ruffles surrounding the neckline. The sheer fabric is also perfect for the spring and summer seasons as are the half sleeves that end at my elbows with a bit of flair. A white bra would show too much beneath this blouse, and so I opted for my teal bra by Lily of France for a subtler look. The navy color of the blouse and the white skirt go together well, especially with the white polka dots matching my skirt. Beneath the skirt I am wearing sheer hosiery again just to add a touch of color to my legs and to give them some tone and then pairing my nylons with pink slingback heels.

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Posted: Spring 2013

I'm not sure that I would have ever paired yellow and pink together in an outfit a few years ago, but as I browse the new spring fashions online, I just keep finding brighter and brighter colors, and so I decided to really stand out with my yellow camisole paired with my pink, polka-dot skirt. I'm also wearing brown slingback sandals with this look, and so as a change from the other poses above, I'm wearing a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in a shade called Town Taupe. These are wonderful nylons as they're very sheer and silky, but they give my legs just enough color so that everyone knows I'm wearing pantyhose. One aspect of my pics that I haven't commented on yet is my hair, and in these poses I've pushed my hair back behind my shoulders exposing my neckline and shoulders and of course adding emphasis to my large hoop earrings. Wearing such an outfit and feeling my long hair brush against my bare shoulders epitomizes everything that it means to be a girl.

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