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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 22
(Winter 2013 Working Girl Outfits)

My favorite part of any crossdressing website or blog is the pictures, so it's no wonder that whenever I am dressed up like a girl I take lots of them. My dream one day is to be able to work in an office as a woman, and the mere thought of being able to wear a blouse, skirt, nylons, and heels to the office each day makes this girl quiver.  I can only imagine the fun I would have putting together my outfit each day, so this set of photos features outfits I would wear to the office.

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Posted: Winter 2013

In these pictures I am wearing the white, polyester blouse that I purchased for that first Halloween when I came out to my spouse that I was into crossdressing. I'm pairing it with the perfect skirt for the office, a stylish knee-length skirt in black that isn't too tight and doesn't reveal too much leg, at least until I sit down. :-)  As for my legs, wearing pantyhose is so much more professional than the bare-legged look, and I would wear pantyhose to the office everyday, even in the summer. My pantyhose in these pictures are L'eggs Active Support in suntan, which would be the perfect pick to keep my legs massaged all day, and don't even get me started on thinking how wonderful it would be to cross my legs in pantyhose beneath my desk or in a meeting. I complete the outfit with black leather pumps with a 2" heel, the perfect size for a working girl.

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Posted: Winter 2013

The outfit above is a straight-forward look perfect for the office, so in this set of photos, I introduce an aspect that could be considered a touch more casual in my cotton blouse, which could also be classified as a tunic. The blouse has flared sleeves and pretty lace patterns throughout the garment providing that cute look for times when I might feel flirty at the office. This top also needs a camisole layered underneath, especially if worn to the office, but I guess I felt a bit flirty here since I'm wearing it just over my bra in these pictures. My lower half is the same as the outfit above with the only difference being my tunic is not tucked into my skirt. I'm also pulling my hair up in these pictures, which is actually a more suitable style for the office than letting it hang down straight. OMG, just the different combinations between hair styles, clothes, and shoes that I could wear to the office is enough to make me go crazy.

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Posted: Winter 2013

In this set of pictures, I'm adding a little bit of color to my office look with a red, plaid skirt that is just a bit shorter than the black skirt I'm wearing the above two poses. This skirt is also made of wool, and so it would be perfect to pair with black tights and a comfy turtleneck on a cold winter day. In these pictures, however, I decided to wear a white blouse that is somewhat sheer, and so I decided to go with suntan pantyhose again instead of opaque tights. I'm wearing a white bra beneath this white blouse, but one trend that I've noticed of late at the office are women wearing a black bra beneath a white blouse. It can be tastefully done if the blouse is professional and suitable for the office, but I'm such a traditional girl that I will always wear a white bra beneath a white top. I complete my look with stylish black, leather pumps with a conservative heel that won't make my legs too tired.

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Posted: Winter 2013

This is a casual outfit that a working girl could probably get away with in the summer. My top looks like a simple short-sleeve tee, but it does have some cute embroidery around the neckline and the sleeves to give it a touch of style. My skirt is one of the two that I first bought for Halloween over ten years ago when I made my debut as a woman. It is a black, silky skirt with a pretty white floral pattern and perfect for keeping a girl cool during the hot months. Beneath my skirt I'm wearing suntan pantyhose, which would likely be my choice two or three days out of the week, and then on my feet I'm wearing about 2" pumps perfect for crossing my legs at the office. Since this is definitely a summer look in terms of my outfit, I've pulled my hair back and up parting it to one side and then using large hoop earrings to complete the look. Wearing a white top such as this would also require me to wear the proper bra to the office.

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