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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 20
(Summer 2012 Camis, My Pink Bra, and Garter Belt)

My favorite part of any crossdressing website or blog is the pictures, so it's no wonder that whenever I am dressed up like a girl I take lots of them. I group my cross dressing pictures according to the outfit I was wearing and call them my crossdresser fashion shows. All of the crossdresser pictures in my gallery are clean and tasteful. This set of photos features summer fashions from 2012 and pictures of me in a pink bra and garter belt.  Enjoy!

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Posted: Fall 2012

If you view my crossdresser pictures from the summer of 2012, then you will often find me wearing this yellow camisole from Aeropostale. This cotton cami has the cutest embroidery and buttons around the neckline, and the straps are thin enough that they can't quite hide the straps of my bra. I also love the way that my breasts are presented in this cami, so it is an obvious choice for the summer. In these pics I'm pairing this cami with the most darling yellow check skirt a girl could hope to own. The skirt, which is from American Eagle, has two super cute layers, and there are enough colors in the pattern that I can pair it with literally any solid top. I complete my look with sheer nude pantyhose and brown flats perfect for the summer, and so the final touch is pulling my hair up into a fun ponytail, and I'm ready to go.

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Posted: Fall 2012

Although I love to wear camisoles in the summer with the perfect bra, this top is also fun because it not only has a wide neckline that helps keep me cool, but the puff sleeves add that feminine touch that every girl wants. This cotton top is from the Gap and has a cute white floral pattern making it an extremely comfortable choice for the summer. I also love the way that my breasts are presented through this top, and so when I attempt to pass while crossdressed in public, this top is an easy choice. In these photos I'm pairing it with a knee-length denim skirt that looks pretty with nude pantyhose, and then my open toe heels make this a super fun outfit for summer that I can wear almost anywhere. One of the final touches to this look that I really adore are my long bangs worn down next to my face. Usually I'll tuck my bangs behind an ear, but in these photos, I let them hang down as a reminder just how fun it is to be a girl.

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Posted: Fall 2012

Okay, there's really not much to describe in this "outfit," but it's a look that I've wanted to try for awhile. I received the bra and garter belt from a girl friend, but they didn't come with matching panties, and when you have lingerie in this pinkish coral color, it's really hard to find panties that match it perfectly. I shopped for matching panties at a few stores but finally just paired the bra and garter belt with a pair of Vanity Fair panties that I already owned. The panties are not sexy, but I'll worry about matching panties later. :-)  As for my stockings, I really didn't want to pair pink lingerie with black stockings, and so I purchased the stockings shown here from a department store thinking that I'd most likely need a nude shade of nylons when wearing pink lingerie. As I was preparing for this photo shoot, I took a few pics while stil wearing my favorite denim skirt, and I really liked how they turned out, so I'm posting one of that as well.

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Posted: Fall 2012

In my crossdressing, I try and pull off as many looks as possible and stil appear like the girl next door. One of my favorite looks of late that I see many girls wearing are exercise tops with yoga pants. I frequently see these girls running errands on their way to or from the gym, and so this is a look that I created to fit in with those other moms trying to stay fit while still maintaining a pretty appearance. I've already worn this cami in other photo shoots, but what's different in these pictures is that I'm pairing it with a teal bra underneath. Like most camis, it's nearly impossible to completely hide the bra straps, and so when wearing a cami, a girl actually has the chance to make a fashion statement by showing the straps of her bra. As a result, I thought it would be fun to wear a pretty teal bra and panties with this outfit that includes black yoga pants, support pantyhose, and black ballet flats.

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