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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 19
(Summer 2012 My Favorite Denim Skirt)

My favorite part of any crossdressing website or blog is the pictures, so it's no wonder that whenever I am dressed up like a girl I take lots of them. I group my cross dressing pictures according to the outfit I was wearing and call them my crossdresser fashion shows. All of the crossdresser pictures in my gallery are clean and tasteful. This set of photos features summer fashions that include my favorite denim skirt.  Enjoy!

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Posted: Summer 2012

It seems like each season I find an adorable top that becomes my favorite, and in the summer of 2012 the award would have to go to a cotton yellow camisole from Aeropostale. Now that showing one's bra straps beneath a cami has become acceptable fashion, it seems as if I can't get enough of camis in the summer time. In this set of photos I pair my yellow cami from Aeropostale with my favorite denim skirt, a knee-length garment from Old Navy. If it's summer time, a girl has to wear sandals, and so I've chosen my brown open-toe sandals with a sling back heel. Even in the summer, I never leave the house without wearing pantyhose, and in these pics I'm wearing Hanes Sheer Reflections in the Barely There shade. Long, straight hair completes this fun summer look, and I'm on my way!

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Posted: Summer 2012

One of my favorite fashion ploys is to mix a very casual garment with something that can be part of a semi-formal outfit, and this can be done with both tops and skirts. In this set of photos I've taken a sheer navy blouse with white polka dots and a fun ruffle front and paired it with my favorite denim skirt. This blouse probably needs a camisole or half slip beneath it, but in this set of photos I'm wearing just a teal colored bra. 10 or 20 years ago, it was considered a fashion faux pas to use a bra as a fashion accessory, but that trend has definitely changed the last decade, and so I wasn't too nervous about going out in public in this sheer top with just a bra underneath. The sheer fabric of this blouse also kept me super cool during the summer, and so it's a winning combination all around.  In a bit of a twist, I felt like wearing my black ballet flats with this outfit instead of my brown sandals.

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Posted: Summer 2012

For a top that doesn't have any ruffles, lace, or puff sleeves, this is still super cute. First, the color is pink, so you can't go wrong there. Second, it has fun vertical strips to give the top some variety. And third, it's a very sheer top, and it forces a girl to pick the proper bra to wear underneath it. Speaking of wearing the right bra, this top also has a very wide neck in both the front and the back, and so there's is a high probability that it will reveal your bra straps at some point...which is not a bad thing :-). And as long as I'm on the subject of my bra, the fabric of this top is very thin, so I always want to make sure the presentation of my bra from behind is good. I took these photos before venturing out to run some errands, and so I decided to perch my sunglasses on top of my head as an accessory. My pantyhose/heels combination is the standard for me during the summer, and my hair is parted down the middle and very straight.

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Posted: Summer 2012

In this final set of pictures where I model my favorite denim skirt, I am pairing the skirt with a short-sleeve top from Burberry. Girls love brand names, especially brands that are a step above staples like Old Navy and even Banana Republic, so it's always fun to wear this Burberry top, especially when I can pair it with a fun summer look. I wore this outfit to Shoe Carnival when I bought a new pair of pumps to wear to the musical Wicked, and I took photos of myself in several poses, but most of them turned out so blurry it almost made this girl cry. For that reason, I am including one small pic of me actually at shoe carnival at left with another pic that did turn out good. For this outfit, I also pulled my hair back and wore it up due to the summer heat, so all I needed was a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head to complete this summer shopping look.

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