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My Crossdresser Fashion Pictures - Page 18
(Spring 2012 Semi-formal Fashion)

My favorite part of any crossdressing website or blog is the pictures, so it's no wonder that whenever I am dressed up like a girl I take lots of them. I group my cross dressing pictures according to the outfit I was wearing and call them my crossdresser fashion shows. All of the crossdresser pictures in my gallery are clean and tasteful. This set of photos features fun spring fashions when I feel like dressing up just a bit.  Enjoy!

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Posted: Spring 2012

This could almost be considered a summer outfit except that I am wearing sheer pantyhose and heels. My top is a fun cotton short-sleeved button tee with cute ruffles around the sleeves and neckline. It's a very sheer garment, and so choosing the correct bra with this top is important. In this photo shoot, I've chosen to wear my natural cup size, a 34A bra by Maidenform with push-up cups that allow me to create some semblance of a bust line using my natural cleavage. As for my skirt, it is a silky pink knee-length skirt with a pink liner underneath that I bought at a thrift store. One side of the skirt is longer than the other providing some fun variety, and then the white polka dot pattern completes the look. I've chosen highlight my legs in this outfit by wearing sheer nylons and pink sling back heels.

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Posted: Spring 2012

In this outfit I am pairing a button down navy cardigan in short sleeves with an animal print skirt that I also purchased at a thrift store, the same time I purchased my pink skirt above. What I really love about this skirt is the thin silky texture, and then the hem of the skirt actually has a gather at the hemline that brings the skirt in close around my knees giving the impression that I have wider hips than I do. When trying to pass in public as a male to female crossdresser, it's extremely important to redistribute weight to the bust line and the hips...or at least give such an appearance. This skirt creates that effect, and while I probably should have abandoned an A-cup bra with this cardigan, it's still a fun, sexy outfit to wear out for an afternoon of shopping complete with my favorite open-toe slingback sandals!

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Posted: Spring 2012

I really like this outfit since I think it portrays a more mature side of me. I am now in my early forties, but as I look back on all of my outfits and pictures, I get the sense that I'm trying to make up for lost girl time by putting together outfits that are better suited for younger girls. This outfit, however, portrays I believe the mature woman in me. I'm wearing a cotton blouse by Banana Republic with a low neckline paired with a conservative patch skirt with a black and gray pattern. The black pantyhose also adds to the mature look as do the conservative pumps with the clunky heel. I think I still try and portray some youthfulness by pulling back my hair into a ponytail, wearing large hoop earrings, and applying pink lipstick, but for some reason I think these photos show how pretty and elegant mature women can be.

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Posted: Spring 2012

Keeping in line with the mature theme from the set of pics above, this is another more mature outfit where I attempt to add a touch of youthfulness with a bright orange top and a skirt that ends just above my knees. This top is a 3/4 sleeve poplin shirt from Old Navy that has a low enough neckline that I can layer it over a cami. I've done that in these pics and paired the layered look with a gray school girl skirt paired with suntan pantyhose that are sheer enough that one would have to look twice just to confirm that I really am wearing nylons. I've also kept the look a bit more professional with the conservative black pumps in place of sandals or high heels, and then I've let my hair down while adding a very conservative pair of large pearl earrings. I think this outfit is typical of a woman in mid-life mixing maturity with youth.

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