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Here I highlight my cross dressing wardrobe.


My Panties

This is my collection of panties with a few exceptions. I have another pair of black panties identical to the white pair seen in the middle of the bottom row, and I also have a pair of peach colored Jockey panties identical to the pink pair seen in the bottom row far right. I happened to be wearing those peach-colored panties when I took this photo. I also have two thongs (one black, one pink) that go with other lingerie sets I purchased that I show in other places in my diary although I'm modeling my pink thong below.
a cross dresser's collection of panties
All of my panties are nylon with the exception of the two pairs of Jockey panties, which are 100% cotton. I'm sure I prefer nylon panties for two reasons: I love the feeling of them against my skin, and the first panties I cross dressed with in my childhood were my sister's nylon panties. The cotton panties are also practical, however, and I really enjoy wearing them when I play tennis or other sports as they provide more support than the nylon panties. I have yet to openly wear panties into a public place like a locker room, but I will do it one of these days and of course post an entry in my diary.

As for color, I prefer feminine shades like pink and pastel colors. All of my panties are quite plain, and this is mostly for comfort. I of course love the look of lacey panties, but they are not as comfortable, and since no one ever sees my panties in public, I opt for styles that will feel good underneath everything else.

I wear a size 6, or if the panties have a letter for their size then I will choose L. I of course prefer nylon panties because I love the feel of them, and I suspect I am not alone here.  I'm sure the first pair of panties all of us wore were nylon panties from our sister's underwear drawer.

a crossdresser in lacey pink nylon panties The first pair seen on the far left of the top row are part of a set that includes the first bra featured on my bra page. I bought this set on a business trip to Japan, and this was the first pair of panties that my wife discovered before she knew I loved to wear them. I will talk about that adventure elsewhere in my diary. The color of these panties is a cross between pink and beige, and I am modeling this pair of panties at left.

The next three panties in the top row are part of a set I purchased at Walmart. These came in a package and are the first panties I purchased after my marriage. I talk about this in my history page. The colors are crème, black, and white.  I am modeling the white pair of panties at lower right.

a cross dresser in white nylong panties The three panties in the middle row are my retro panties or a style sometimes also called sissy panties. I purchased all of these off of eBay, and I suppose I psychologically wanted this type of panty for my collection because they resemble my sister's panties that I first began borrowing back in the 70's. These panties are not flattering to look at, and the waistband sometimes goes higher than my pantyhose, but they feel great. The more nylon against my body the better. The first pair on the left are very sheer and sexy. They are a beige color while the next two are peach and a light lime green color. These retro panties or sissy panties are extremely comfortable and some of my favorites.

a cross dresser wearing a pink tank top and pink thong panties The first pair on the bottom row are the most lacey pair that I own besides my thongs. These panties go with the bra that I mention fifth on the bra page, and they are part of a set that I purchased while on business in Japan. These are the most sexy panties to look at that I own. Next to them is a white pair that I purchased as a set with another black pair (not pictured) from JCPenney. I think I wear these panties the most, and I probably do so because I don't want to put any extra wear and tear on my other, cuter panties.

The panties on the far right of the bottom row are my pink Jockey panties, and I also have a matching pair in a peach color that aren't pictured. These are the only cotton panties that I own, and I usually wear the Jockey panties when I'm not wearing pantyhose as well. They are more comfortable than any pair of male briefs that I've worn.

All in all, I prefer to wear panties because they feel natural to me, they look and feel sexy, and I love how delicate and girly they are. 

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