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Here I highlight my cross dressing wardrobe.


Cross Dressing Nightgowns

I love to cross dress 24/7 when the opportunity arises, so for bed time I always make sure I'm wearing a cute, comfortable nightie, a bra, and silky pantyhose underneath. While I do have one cotton nightie which I will wear on cold nights, I prefer the feel of silk or nylon against my body, so chances are good that I'll be crossdressing a silky nightgown or nightie. The sensation of climbing into bed cross dressed in a silk nightgown is unbelievable.

wearing pantyhose under my pajama bottomsI have several differing nighties that I will profile on this page, and I have pictures of me cross dressing each of them. In the summer months when the nights are hot, I will usually wear a silk chemise or light cami with nylon panties. If there is a bit of a chill, I will usually wear my pink nightie. All of my sleepwear at this point ends at or above the knees because more often than not, I am wearing pantyhose to bed to compensate for any chilly weather. On those unfortunate occasions when I don't get to wear a nightie to bed, I'm usually wearing panties and pantyhose underneath my pajama bottoms.

a cross dresser in a silky pink nightie and pantyhose under the nightgown
I should introduce my pink nightgown first since it's the one I most frequently wear. It's 100% nylon, has short sleeves, and ends just above my knees. I bought this off of eBay because you just can't find good silky nightgowns in stores these days. I love cross dressing this nightie with a pair of silky pantyhose on underneath; the sensation is indescribable and makes me feel so girly. In the future, I hope to purchase a long, silky, flowing nightgown similar to this one.

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a cross dresser in a camisole, nylon panties, and pantyhose
As I mentioned above, I usually wear my pink nightie when I cross dress at bedtime, but like any girl, I do change my mind from time to time. This outfit is a creme colored camisole that I bought at Old Navy and a pair of matching nylon shorts with the prettiest lace around the legs. I often wear pantyhose beneath these nylon shorts as well just because I can! When the nights get too hot, I will usually wear this outfit to bed with as sheer of pantyhose as I can find.

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a cross dresser in black lingerie and black thong panties
I'm not sure whether this is a black slip or a black chemise, but it's 100% silk, and I absolutely love it! I purchased this at Victoria's Secret along with a black thong that I am also wearing in most of these pictures. I will generally not sleep while wearing the thong; instead, I will wear a pair of more comfortable black panties as seen in the last two pictures. 100% silk is a cross dresser's dream in my opinion, so I will wear this black slip under my clothes all of the time.

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a cross dresser in a blue cotton nightgown

This nightgown is a plain blue, cotton nightgown that I purchased while on business in Vancouver. The nightgown has a pink floral print on it, and I give the background of how and why I purchased this on my adventures page. As a cross dresser, I naturally prefer the feel of nylon or silk against my body, but some nights I just get too cold to wear something too frilly or too scarce, so on those occasions, I will wear this blue nightgown with a pair of pantyhose to bed. It's not sexy or girly, but it is practical.

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