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Bras and panties. 
My Cross Dressing History.  Pantyhose, lingerie.

crossdresser in a pink bra and garterSome of my earliest memories in life are of cross dressing bras and panties. In my preschool days, my family moved to the residence where my parents still live, so I know that if I remember things from our first house, I must have been four years old or younger. And I have plenty of crossdressing memories from that first house, so I know my history of crossdressing goes back to the age of three or four. In fact, I don't ever remember a time in my life where I didn't want to cross dress.

The first item I remember cross dressing with was my mother's bra. When she was away, I snuck it out of her drawer and ran into my bedroom and locked the door in order to change into it. I still remember my brother wanting to get into the room and pounding on the door to let him in, but I refused until I had the bra in place, clasped, and hidden under my shirt. I still remember the shirt I wore that day, and I remember when my mother came home running and jumping into her arms to give her a big hug. She obviously noticed I was wearing her bra but said nothing. Perhaps these early experiences with bras is the reason that I'm still so picky about them today and detail my collection as I do on the bra page and in my cross dressing pics.

cross dressing a white blouse and yellow skirt I also remember sneaking my older sisters panties from her drawer and wearing them frequently. One day I was at a friend's house, and there was a big mud puddle in his backyard. We were so filthy after playing in it that my friend's mother insisted on putting us in the tub. She told us to undress on the steps of the back porch before we went into the house. I still remember my dilemma because I was wearing a pair of pink nylon panties. Luckily my friend undressed first and bound into the house leaving me alone to take off the panties. I hid them at the bottom of my pile of clothes and ran into the bathroom for my bath. I don't know if my friend's mom washed the clothes at her house or returned them as-is to my mother, but it was known to both women early on that I wore girls underwear.

Besides these incidents, I remember sneaking my sister's socks and wearing them to play in the basement. You know how a child thinks he can run faster with new shoes; well, I thought I could run faster and jump higher when wearing my sister's bobby socks as we called them. The socks were nylon and pulled up well over my knees, and I can still remember how thrilled I was when I wore them.

crossdressed drivingOnce I entered elementary school, I can remember wearing my sisters panties to school all the time. I never remember taking them off or if I replaced them back in her drawer at the end of the day, but I remember when going to the bathroom at school making sure no one ever saw my underwear. Aside from school, occasionally my sister would dress me and my brother up in her clothes, and we'd play house. Needless to say I had the time of my life.

As I grew older, I was rational enough to realize how dangerous it was to wear girls underwear to school, and that's probably about the time I began creating my first stash. My initial stash consisted of panties borrowed from my sister and one of her bras. As she outgrew her underwear, I remember that it would be moved to the back of her drawer, and so I would carefully choose panties that I knew she no longer wore. She also had a bra that had a broken clasp in the back of her drawer, so I took that and safety-pinned it together and wore it that way.

cross dressing suntan pantyhose and a pink slip In my junior high school days, I finally discovered pantyhose. This was back in the 80's when women still frequently wore pantyhose as part of their everyday wardrobe. My mother would wash batches of her pantyhose and hang them up to dry down in the basement washroom, so of course I helped myself to a pair here and there. My mother preferred Sheer Energy pantyhose by L'eggs in suntan color, so it's probably no coincidence that that is my favorite brand and color as well even today.

 My mother was the type of person who never threw anything away, so she kept boxes of old clothing in the basement. This was a goldmine for me, and it also provided places for me to hide my stash. Speaking of the old clothing in those boxes, my brothers liked to dress up in girls clothing as well from those boxes, and often when we'd play games late at night, the loser would have to dress up like a girl and show everyone else. I wanted to lose as bad as they did, so it was funny to see everyone pretend to want to win but really want to lose. We had friends and cousins sleep over often, and we always made dressing up like a girl the penalty for losing, and out of every boy that slept over and participated in the games, every one of them loved to dress up like a girl. I don't suspect that any of them have taken cross dressing to the extent that I have, but from that experience, it is my belief that a majority of men would love to crossdress if they had the chance. If men weren't attracted to women's underwear, there'd be no need to make it so sexy. But I digress.

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