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Bras and panties. 
My Cross Dressing History (Page 4).  Pantyhose, lingerie.

I actually went to a thrift store and purchased a 100% polyester white blouse mostly because I wanted my bra to show through it, and then I picked up a couple of an A-line ankle length skirt in yellow with a flower print and the other a knee length skirt in black with small white flowers. I modeled everything for my wife (seen in the three pics at right) and finally determined that I'd wear the yellow skirt due to the season. I was so excited on the big day that I wore my bra and panties to work along with the pantyhose that I'd wear that night. My wife was used to me wearing pantyhose by then, so she thought nothing of it...probably because she didn't notice the bra beneath my turtleneck.

When I got home from work, we quickly ate dinner and then headed to the bathroom so my wife could put on my makeup. You can't imagine my thrill sitting there on the edge of the tub fully dressed with my wife applying makeup to me. Once my makeup was set and my wig on, my wife commented that I looked quite beautiful. I agreed of course. I took our two small children and we headed out to trick or treat. It was dreadfully cold that night, and I still remember slip showing with nude pantyhosethe wind howling up my skirt, so I came back into the house and borrowed a navy coat from my wife that happened to fit me. We only managed to go to a few houses because it was so cold, and my kids wanted to go home, but the reactions on the faces of the neighbors were priceless as they didn't think anything of this woman but then looked at my kids and realized that the woman with them wasn't their was actually me.

At the end of the night, I told my wife that sometime it'd be fun to go out shopping dressed as a woman. She suggested that I go right then and fill the car with gas and see if anyone noticed. No one did, and that provided the spark within me that I could actually pass as a woman. Up until that point, my adventures while dressed up comprised mostly of staying indoors or short walks at night through a park or a distant neighborhood without much going on.

After that Halloween, I would occasionally dress up at night after putting the kids to bed when there wasn't anything else to attend to. My wife and I called this our fashion shows as she'd usually mix and match outfits of her own with both of us fighting for time in front of the mirror. The next spring when my wife took the kids home to visit her mother, I dressed myself up and went out to the thrift store for the first time. I was so nervous, and my makeup was terrible, and it was likely a dead giveaway, but when I called my wife the next time, I told her that I ventured out dressed as a woman and bought a few things. She laughed at the thought, and when she came back, I held another fashion show and modeled my new purchases. This was the way things were for two years or crossdressing a full pink slip with no braso, but as I got more and more carried away, I think my wife began to worry, so I cut back on my open cross dressing in the house.  My children were also getting older and more perceptive, so that was a reason as well.

We have never sat down and really discussed my cross dressing, but I told my wife some of my memories of being dressed up by my sister and how fun it was. She also knows that I love panties and pantyhose, and while she probably doesn't understand why I love to crossdress, it has never been an issue in our marriage, but that's largely because I pick my spots carefully.

Now that our kids have gotten older, it's becoming harder and harder to dress so openly when they are around. Yes, I am a crossdresser and always will be, but I have to be a responsible husband and parent first, so that means less and less adventures for me. I still wear panties and pantyhose all the time to bed during the cold months, and it's never an issue with my wife even when we get intimate, but I haven't dressed up with people in the house for years. Perhaps that is why I have decided to put together this website. With my adventures happening with less frequency, this may be my way to continue to express myself as a woman.

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