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Bras and panties. 
My Cross Dressing History (Page 3).  Pantyhose, lingerie.

crossdressed at Wal-MartThe first urges to dress again after our wedding came about six months in. When I could no longer resist the feelings, I remember stopping by a Walmart about 8 AM on my way in to work one morning. I walked directly to the women's area and selected a white cotton blouse. I next headed for the lingerie section and luckily (I guess) they were holding a staff meeting with all the employees gathered a fair distance away, so I was free to browse for a bra and some panties with no one else around. I selected a seamless bra in 38B and grabbed a package that included three pairs of nylon panties. I next headed for the hosiery section and picked out a pair of suntan and a pair of nude pantyhose. I didn't care about any sundry items; I just headed for the register with my contraband not caring what the lady at the register thought. I purchased the items and stuffed them in the spare tire compartment beneath the trunk in my car. Over time, I of course found ways to increase my stash and add shoes and a few more articles of clothing. When my stash become too large to fit in with the spare tire, I crossdressed in ruffle blouse and teal bramoved everything to the inside of a speaker that connected to my stereo. It was one of those massive stereos from the eighties that came with giant speakers that were essentially big wooden cases with little inside.

My cross dressing went on like this for the first few years of our marriage with me using every means possible to hide it. During this time, I racked my brain for ways to tell me wife because I knew from past experience that this would be something that I'd have to deal with my entire life.

 My break--if you can call it that--came while on a business trip to Korea in late November. I underestimated how cold it would be in Seoul and was completely unprepared in terms of warm clothing. I spoke with my wife nearly everyday and would comment about the cold when finally it dawned on me that this could be a chance. During one of our phone conversations, I mentioned to my wife that I purchased a pair of tights from the convenience store to keep my lower body warm. This was partially true because while I did purchase a pair of tights from a 7-11 in Seoul, I did so because I wanted them...not only to keep warm. My wife's response was, "oh, that's a good idea," and that was the first seed. I had of course brought my own pantyhose, panties, lingerie, etc. on the business trip, but now I could actually take some tights home in my suitcase that she could see.

I ended up packing two pairs of tights and one pair of active support pantyhose in my suitcase and told my wife that I had worn them under my suit at work, and I of course told her how much I liked them and thought they were very practical to wear during cold weather. She crossdresser pic in white top and black skirtagreed, and that was that. I now had a small collection of pantyhose and tights in my sock drawer that I would wear on cold days with no reaction from my wife. I'm also an avid fisherman so I began wearing pantyhose and tights under shorts inside of my fishing waders "to keep warm." This also made sense to my wife, and this was a time when I began openly purchasing new pairs of pantyhose and tights to add to my collection.

When my wife was pregnant with our third child, my biggest break came. She had just received an order of maternity clothes that she'd purchased online at the Gap. When we were going through the box, she picked up a sweater and said, "hey, this might even fit you!" I of course took the bait and said, "let me model it for you." I put on the sweater and pulled on a pair of maternity capris and modeled them for my wife. She got a huge kick out of it, and so did I of course. The next time I modeled the outfit for her, I borrowed one of her maternity bras and wore pantyhose beneath the capris to give my figure a better shape. It became sort of customary that I would try on her new maternity things and model them for her, and it even got to the extent where she wanted me to model her clothes in front of our good friends!

Riding the wave, I told her that I had a great idea...I should dress as a woman for Halloween. She thought that would be fun, so I began to gather the items for my costume. When I say gather, I mostly mean pulling items from my stash and bringing them home in shopping bags telling my wife that I had just purchased something new as I put my costume together. I did this with a bra and panties set, some more pantyhose, and a wig.

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