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Bras and panties. 
My Cross Dressing History (Page 2).  Pantyhose, lingerie.

crossdressed in garter thong panties and black stockingsWhen I entered high school, I got my first part-time job at a department store. It goes without saying that I quickly located the area in the stock room where they kept the women's lingerie. I still remember picking out the items that I wanted and then throwing money in the cash register. I'd change into the lingerie in the bathroom and just wear it home. I'm sure I threw off the inventory  numbers at the end of the year, but I did purchase the items in a round about way. This helped me build up a great stash of bras, panties, slips, and pantyhose. I could still fit into my mother's clothing as well, so I was in cross dressing heaven during my high school days. It also didn't hurt that my older brother with whom I shared a room went away for college, so I had a room to myself and slept nearly every night in bra and panties, pantyhose, and a full length slip as a nightie. My cross dressing during high school was largely confined to my bedroom.

After graduating from high school and going to college, I had a decision to make. I didn't know how I was going to take my clothes and lingerie with me, so I finally decided that I had grown up enough to the point where I no longer needed to crossdress. I gathered everything up into a plastic garbage bag and threw everything away the night before I left for college hoping this new change would cure me.

crossdressed in a white blous white bra black skirt and suntan pantyhoseMy newfound freedom lasted for about two months until I could no longer bear it and bought a pair of pantyhose at the grocery store. Around the same time, I happened to get a part-time job for the same department store that I worked for during high school. I already knew the routine and had built up a nice collection of lingerie and pantyhose before I knew it hiding items at the bottom of cardboard boxes I used to store all of my old papers and books from school. If one of my roommates ever discovered my cross dressing, they didn't tell me about it.

My desires to crossdress would come and go in college and usually evolved around whether or not I was dating anyone at the time. It's always great to fall in love and experience those initial stages of romance, but I can still remember after dating a girl for a month or two that I'd begin to pine for my cross dressing ways. The most serious girlfriend I had during college went home one summer and moved out of her apartment in the process. I was staying in town, so she asked if she could store some boxes at my place. I of course agreed and kept several boxes for her in my closet. I never opened them to go through them, but she also had me hold onto a handful of dresses as well that I hung in my closet. If only she really knew!  At the first chance, I tried on all of her dresses and still remember dressing up in them and walking around campus. I'd always venture out at night of course and kept my distance from anyone.

crossdressed in a yellow camisole and denim skirtAbout two months before I graduated from college, I secured a job and knew that I had another decision to make. I'd be going far away from home to live and reasoned with myself once again that it was time to abandon my cross dressing. I determined that the big change in my life and new city would provide the opportunity to forget about the past and start anew. Of course I was wrong again as it took me about three months in my new location to purchase a package of panties along with some groceries from the supermarket. I methodically added pantyhose along the way, and when I came home for Christmas that first year, I took one of my young nephews and headed to Walmart as if we were father and son out doing some shopping for mom. I purchased bras and panties as well as sundry items to make it look like I was just running an errand.

About a year on the new job, I met the girl who would become my wife. Just like past girlfriends and acquaintances, I didn't dare tell her about my cross dressing desires although I greatly regret it now. I'm quite sure she would have been as understanding as can be expected, and we could have even had some fun with it while we were dating, but I won't get that chance again. Speaking of dating, she knew that I shaved my legs and often trimmed other body hair, and I told her that I did this mainly to stay cool in the summer, which was partially true. We dated for two years before we married, and while I abandoned cross dressing at first during our courtship, I just couldn't suppress that need to dress and did it secretly. We didn't live together before our marriage, so hiding my stash was never a problem then.

Once we did tie the knot, I was of course faced with the same decision that I had experienced over the years....what do I do with my stash? I threw it away once again hoping that married life would finally be the catalyst to help me stop cross dressing, but it had always been a part of my life and always would be.

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