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Here I highlight my cross dressing wardrobe.


My Bras

my bra collectionI'm very particular about my bras. My bra size is 36B to 38C depending on the brand. I purchased a seamless bra at Victoria's Secret in size 38C, and the band and cups are so large, it nearly drowns me. I wonder if Victoria's Secret is so popular because they fudge their sizes a bit giving women the false impression that they can wear a smaller size than normal. Anyway, back to my collection of bras. I currently have seven of them all featured below. The most important aspect of the bra is of course comfort, but beyond that I prefer to wear soft cup, seamless bras with narrower straps. For some reason I have the impression that the wider the bra straps, the larger the woman, and we all know how petite we want to appear.

I'm also picky about the impression the bra gives from behind through my top. Whenever I walk behind a woman, I of course notice her bra and whether or not it fits properly. I can't think of much that's more unattractive than a woman whose wearing a bra that's two sizes too small with a tight top. As for me, I always try to stay conscious of how my bra appears from behind and adjust the straps when necessary. I always want to present a pretty appearance from behind with my bra as I often admire the same in other women.

Then of course there's the shape the bra presents from the front, which is extremely important for someone like me when I venture out into public because if someone suspects that I'm a man in drag (which of course I am!), sloppy breasts will give it away every time. As I look at crossdresser pics on the web, I notice too often girls that haven't given the appearance of their breasts proper attention, and it's a dead give-away. I take pride in how natural my breasts appear when I'm out in public or in front of a camera.

And finally, like most women, I prefer to wear a certain bra with certain outfits. Before I go out, I mix and match and determine which bra will be the best match for my outfit. I don't like to draw attention to my breasts by wearing a black bra with a light colored top for example, and I don't want to stuff my bra to make my breasts appear too large for my figure. It has to be just right in case someone notices. I know I always do.

So without further ado, here is my current collection of bras. Hopefully I can add to it soon.

picture of me in a bra This is my favorite all around bra due to its comfort, the great shape it gives my breasts, and the way it looks from behind. It's a cross between nude and pink and a bra that I purchased on business in Japan of all places. It's often said that the Japanese make better cars, electronics, video games, food, etc., and I can also attest that they make top notch bras! One of these days, I'm going to have to purchase a Wacoal bra as that is manufactured in Japan. There's really no drawback to this bra, but sometimes I wish the diagonal seams that run across the front of the cups weren't there, especially when I have something on that's white and tight. Still, if I had to get rid of my collection and keep just one, this would be the bra.

wearing a bra and a see-through blouse a picture of my bra from behind a man wearing bra and panties a crossdresser in a bra and panties

a man wearing a braThis is a 38C bra that I purchased at JCPenney and an all around quality bra. The fit is perfect, and this bra really presents my breasts well and looks great from behind. It does have an under wire, and although I prefer soft cups, the under wire cups definitely give the breast a better shape.  The straps get wider near the shoulders, so this is not a bra that I'd wear with only a camisole as they're not the kind of bra strap you want to show off.  This is a special bra to me as it is the bra I purchased for my coming out so to speak when I dressed as a woman for Halloween in 2002. This bra also has diagonal seams across the cups, but they are not prominent and only stand out if I wear it with something see through.

picture of a bra and a see-through blouse my bra from behind men wearing bras a crossdresser in a bra and panties

a bra showing through a blouseThis is a 38B bra that I also purchased at JCPenney. It is the exact same model as the previous bra I mentioned, and I don't really notice a difference in the cup even though this one is a size B. This bra comes with a matching set of black panties, and like every woman, you have to own at least one matching set of bra and panties in black don't you? As I mentioned in the introduction on this page, I don't like to wear my black bra with the wrong colored top, so I mainly wear this bra with sweaters and turtlenecks in the fall and winter. It also presents a great shape to my breasts and is very comfortable.

a black bra and a white blouse a black bra from behind a crossdressing man in a black bra and panties my black bra and panties

my bra from Walmart This is the first bra I purchased after I was married, which also makes it the first bra added to my current stash of women's clothing and lingerie. It is a size 38B and as soft of a bra as you can imagine. This bra has seamless cups which I love, and it is the perfect bra to wear with something white. I love the presentation from behind, which makes this one of my most frequently-worn bras. In fact, of all the bras I own, this one has the most wear and tear. It's also the bra I most often wear to bed. Whenever I sleep in drag so to speak, I have to wear a bra, so this is generally the one I choose.  This is also a great bra to wear to work as it makes my natural breasts stand out just enough.

a white bra and a white blouse
my bra from behind in a white see through blouse my first crossdressing bra a man modeling a bra and panties

my pink crossdressing braThis is another bra I purchased in Japan at the same time as the first bra I introduced. This bra also comes with matching pink panties that are to die for. The bra itself is a little too small for my figure to be honest, but when I saw it there on display with the matching panties, I had to have the set. This is by far the prettiest bra that I own as it has delicate lace flower patterns across the cups, and I love the narrow straps, which would make this the perfect bra to wear in the summer with a camisole if I wanted my bra straps to show.  From behind it looks too small for my figure if I'm wearing something see-through, so this bra hardly gets worn although I put the matching panties to good use.

a man wearing a pink bra a pink bra from behind a see through blouse modeling my pink bra and panties a crossdresser in a pink bra

my beige t-shirt braThis is a bra that I purchased on eBay when I was looking for a good t-shirt bra. The cups are firm and there are pretty flower indentations around the edge of the cups.  This bra has two spaghetti straps on each side that also look cute when worn with a camisole.  This bra presents my breasts better than any other. If I am wearing something that is too see-through, I prefer not to wear this bra as it doesn't appear very pretty from behind due to it's darker color, but when I need that perfect shape for that perfect outfit, chances are good that this is the bra I'll choose.  Of all the pictures I have posted on this website, I think I'm wearing this bra underneath more than any others.

t-shirt bra a man wearing a t-shirt bra tshirt bra through a see through blouse

man in a Victoria's Secret braLast and probably least is the bra I purchased from Victoria's Secret. The drawback to this bra is it's incredible size. The cups push into the base of the shoulders, and the band across the back rides up farther than I'd prefer. I also don't like to wear this bra with anything that's too see through because the cups take up so much space on my torso, it looks funny.  I initially purchased this bra because I wanted a white t-shirt bra, but since it didn't work out too well, I guess I'll have to add another good white t-shirt bra to my collection :).  The only advantage to this bra is that the straps are removable, so if I wear a top with spaghetti straps (hardly ever) where I don't want my bra straps to show, I'll wear this bra underneath.

Victoria's Secret bra and a see through blouse a crossdresser in a Victoria's Secret bra a man in Victoria's Secret bra and panties


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