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Driving Up the Canyon with Danielle

lisa and danielle crossdressed by the riverDanielle:  Lisa and I planned an outing together during her "extended girl time" for a morning meet up and picnic in the Canyon. The plan was to meet at her house early where she would meet me in boy mode and then I would transition. We would have our outing and then I would go back to drab mode and leave her house. We planned and made the arrangements, and when I was about 10 minutes away, I called her for the final plan to meet (she and I do 100% of our planning via email, so hearing her wonderful, cheery voice greeting me on the phone was fun). She said she was just finishing up a "Lisa jog," and that I was to look for her and her car at the parking lot at the prescribed corner close to her house.

A half a block away, I spotted the building and the parking lot on the right, but in the next second there was Lisa standing on the curb waving to me on the opposite side of the street still in her jogging clothes. What a cute girl out jogging I thought! And how brave a block or so from her house! Within a few minutes I was parked at her house, and we greeted each other inside. I'm sure that she was taking my boy look in trying to figure out if Danielle was really in there. She wanted to know what I thought of her mostly no-makeup jogging look, and I thought she looked great, a perfect look to go running.

Lisa showed me where to get ready, and about an hour later we were ready to head out for the canyon. Now leaving your house in your own neighborhood in girl mode can be a bit nerve racking (which neighbor is watching wondering who the strange girls are in the neighbor's car), but we left without a hitch with Lisa at the wheel and a beautiful day before us for the canyon and lake. At the canyon entrance, a fee needs to be paid to the Ranger. I got a bit nervous as we were waiting for our turn to pay, and Lisa wanted video of the transaction, and since I was the camera girl, I needed to be discreet and not call too much attention to it all or me!

The Canyon was beautiful. It had rained the night before making the air cool and fresh. Once at the Lake we found it was busy with people fishing and the close parking spots were gone. Lisa was dressed perfectly for the outing with her danielle crossdressed by the lakeflowing skirt and bare legs and sandals. I felt a bit over-dressed in my skirt and nylons and sandals, so we decided to look for a secluded picnic spot. We found the perfect spot next to a stream where we sat talking and changing into a few outfits and taking pictures. Lisa wanted pictures in her bikini, so she left to find a secluded spot to change and get ready. She needed help re-tying the back of the top, and I was happy to help, and she looked great! Again I was the camera girl shooting stills and video of her next to the river. What fun that was!

Next she announced she wanted pictures of her in the bikini at the lake. WOW, I thought she was brave, but she can pull it off with her look. The problem would be the way the camera girl looked, so now I was nervous! I walked back to the car and got my skinny leg pants and found the secluded spot to change, so my look would be more casual as the camera girl, and we were off to the Lake. Again no close parking spots, so I suggested that we kind of make one up, so Lisa could step out and get in position so I could capture her on camera. I wished we had a beach towel so she could be covered or not, but she was determined and very brave and she looked great! No one seemed to even notice the two girls, one in a bikini and one using the camera taking video with narrative and stills in front of the beautiful lake with the snow capped mountains in the distance.

After several minutes of taking pictures and as I relaxed realizing no one was paying any attention to us, I handed the camera to Lisa so she could take some of me with the beautiful scenery. Email:

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