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Lisa Gets Wicked...Again!

It is almost with a touch of the blues that I write this diary entry knowing that my extended girl time has come to an end, but I can't think of a better way to send my female side off for a spell than attending the best musical made for girls ever, Wicked. I purposefully chose to attend Wicked on my final night because I feel as if my hair and makeup is better at the end of my extended girl time than the beginning, and it also gives me plenty of chances to shop for a new dress or shoes or other clothing that I could possibly wear to the event. And so tonight was the grand finale of Lisa's summer of fun in 2014.

The most pressing issue of the day was, "Okay, what am I going to wear?" so let's start there. The good news of having two weeks all to yourself to be a girl means lots of fun adventures and lots of new clothes, but the bad news is that places that you have to shave that normally don't get shaved a whole lot take a serious beating, and in particular, I'm talking about my upper chest area. I spent a few days the past few weeks shopping for darling summer dresses, which all happened to be the color white with no sleeves, and the dress that I ended up purchasing has quite a low neckline, but my chest simply had too many nicks and marks and red spots on it from shaving the last two weeks to really dazzle in the dress, and so I chose to resort to plan B: something just as cute and fun to wear!

After weighing many options and laying different outfits out on the bed, I finally decided to wear my new sleeveless blouse from Ralph Lauren coupled with my navy fold skirt from Old Navy. When I saw this particular blouse at the Polo store, I immediately pictured it with the navy skirt and knew it would be an instant fit. I also can't get over how darling the two ribbons are that hang from each side of the collar of this blouse that can be tied up into a fun bow. This was an instant OMC moment (o-my-cute) when I found this blouse, and I've been dying to find an occasion to actually wear it out.

Along with the blouse and skirt, I decided to wear pantyhose underneath in a taupe shade, and then I completed the look with my black ballet flats. I waffled back and forth on the issue of wearing heels to the musical, but since I was going alone, I chose comfort over style. With my outfit decided, it next a matter of how to do my hair, and I really wanted to pull it back tight into the little bun at the base of my neck, a style that I've worn with great success the last few days, but when you're sitting in a theater with someone right behind you staring at your hair, I was too worried that something would look out of place from such a close distance, and so I opted for a more poufy look fanning my hair out at the neck and wearing bangs to provide a good balance at the top of my head.

The final issue today was my makeup, and I know I don't talk a lot about my makeup because there's not much to it, but I decided to go really heavy on the eye makeup for tonight's performance due to the following reasons. First, the entire atmosphere of the theater is rather dark even when you're not in the actual seating area, and so I wanted my eyes to really stand out regardless of whether I was sitting in my seat or whether I was in the lobby. As a result, I applied much more eye liner and mascara than I am used to. Second, I noticed from the pictures of me in reading glasses that my eyes really didn't stand out beyond the frames of the glasses themselves, and since my intention was to wear the glasses as I read the playbill, I wanted to have a smoky eye look behind the glasses to add more emphasis to my eye makeup. I'm not sure how pleased I was with the final result of my eye makeup, but when you're getting ready for the theater, you don't have a lot of time to redo things, and so I went with the more dramatic look around my eyes.

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