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Shopping at Victoria's Secret En Femme...Again!

Last night I was sorting my collection of bras and organizing them into two groups based on soft cup vs. padded cup. As I was doing this, I recalled when and where I had purchased each bra, and I realized that I have not purchased a bra online for about five years. Yet, I've added probably a dozen bras to my collection since then, and it brought a smile to my face to think that I've gotten to the point where I am comfortable enough in my looks and presentation that I can shop freely for bras and panties where ever I choose for the most part. And so tonight, I was dying to make another visit to Victoria's Secret en femme just to celebrate all that's so perfect about being a girl.

I've actually been planning this visit for quite some time now, and I think it all started back in July when I ran a few so-called guy errands while dressed as a girl. It was the middle of the summer and super hot outside, and so I wore a blue key hole top that I had recently purchased from Old Navy, which requires me to cross my bra straps in the back in order to cover up the straps sufficiently. I paired this top with a modest denim skirt, and I just felt so girly in the outfit that I thought I could conquer the world. Whenever I have such feelings of exhilaration, I feel as if I want to have the ultimate adventure, which to me is shopping at Victoria's Secret as a girl. At that time, I simply didn't have time to visit the lingerie boutique due to other obligations, but I never forgot those feelings of wanting to go back to Victoria's Secret wearing this keyhole top, and so that's what I determined to do tonight!

After hopping in the shower and shaving my legs and armpits, I couldn't wait to slip back into my teal Lily of France bra, which can be fastened into a fun crossback style for wearing beneath tops such as this keyhole top from Old Navy. I paired the bra with matching teal panties and then excitedly pulled on my top and adjusted everything so it felt just right. I decided that very few women ever wear nylons while shopping at Victoria's Secret, and so I decided to go without...again...and pair my top with a frilly pink layered cotton skirt from Old Navy. This particular skirt has quite a tight waistband, but it's thick and so it provided comfort while at the same time helping to shape my tummy into a more girlish figure. As for my shoes, it was starting to storm outside and looked a little bit chilly, and so I decided to wear my black ballerina flats just to keep my tosies warm.

Once I had determined my outfit, it was time to do my makeup and hair, and tonight would be the first chance for me to try my new shade of foundation and powder. As I blogged yesterday, I purchased a more neutral shade at Target when my current warmer shade was running low, and so I was interested to see how this new makeup would turn out. As soon as I applied the foundation to my face, I knew that the shade was too light for me (unless I ever have plans to try a Goth look). I was a little bit disappointed but thought I may as well apply the powder and see if that helped. It really didn't, and so there I stood in front of my mirror all excited about a visit to Victoria's Secret only to have a setback with my makeup. I didn't want to wipe it all off, but I did lightly dab at the powder across my face before applying the powder from my warmer shade of makeup. I still looked too white for my liking, but I thought that I was passable enough, and so I carried on with my eye makeup and finally my lips. After such a bad start, I did feel pretty as I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was determined to make it to Victoria's Secret before it closed, and so I grabbed my things and headed for the door.

As I backed out of my driveway, I immediately noticed that it was raining fairly hard, and I hoped that I didn't look a bit underdressed for the occasion. I didn't feel chilly in my thin top, but that could have been due to my excitement. Regardless, I headed towards my destination in the rain being extra careful to drive like a girl hoping that it wouldn't be raining as hard at the boutique itself. The closest Victoria's Secret to my home is a bout 25 minutes away, and so I kept looking south towards the sky to see if the rain had cleared up down there. I really didn't look any different, but I was committed at this point. I did take the usual pictures from the dashboard of my car, and I think it's really evident that I have a much cooler shade of facial makeup.

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