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Crossdressing at Victoria's Secret

It's amazing what a pair of skinny jeans will do for a girl. Since purchasing them at Old Navy earlier in the week it seems that I've been emboldened to stretch beyond my comfort zone and try things that I would have thought impossible in the past. Whenever I am planning some time out in public crossdressed as a girl, I always consider things like time of day, volume of customer traffic, availability of self-serve registers, and the attentiveness of the staff on hand. If you shop at Target, for example, you do have to check out face to face with another human being, but their employees are not on commission and don't approach the customer unless you ask for it directly. Then when it is time to check out and pay for your purchase, you have a whole host of registers to choose from putting you largely in control of the situation.

Old Navy is a little bit tougher because the confines of the store are cozier, but the employees are not on commission, and so it's fairly easy to fly under the radar until it's time to pay for your purchases or use the fitting rooms. At a boutique type store, however, the environment is much smaller, there's really no place to hide, and the staff is very much aware of each customer in the store. And they're usually attractive, attentive women, which is about the scariest proposition I can think of as a crossdresser trying to pass in public as a woman. As a result of these circumstances, there are certain stores that I have avoided up until now simply because I didn't have the confidence to try and shop there as a woman. That all changed today, however, and I'm wondering if my skinny jeans had anything to do with it because not only did I visit Victoria's Secret today, I actually made a purchase from a very attractive female attendant.

My day began as usual making breakfast for the kids and then getting them off to school, and once they were taken care of for the morning, I headed to the powder room to do my make-up and hair. I had several errands that needed to be run, but I just couldn't get the thought of going to Victoria's Secret out of my mind. I'm sure it was partly due to my previous two successful outings to both Old Navy and the department store to shop for boots, but for some reason I felt ready to conquer the world this morning, and I could actually feel myself grow more nervous at the realization that there was only one place for me go shop this morning, a place that up until now I have considered my ultimate goal as a crossdresser.

As I stood there in bra and panties putting the finishing touches to my face, I reviewed in my mind a list of outfits I could wear. I considered my black footless tights because I think they are so cute and what girl doesn't want to wear a skirt or dress when she has the chance? I didn't want to stand out anymore than I had to, however, because if I was a woman working at Victoria's Secret and I saw a girl wearing footless tights, I'm sure I'd comment on how cute they were. And so the next alternative--and an equally good one--were the skinny jeans I purchased at Old Navy earlier in the wee. I decided that it would be fun to wear the entire outfit I purchased at Old Navy, and so my excitement grew at the thought of really going to Victoria's Secret. As a finishing touch of wearing things I purchased this week, I opted against my favorite hoop earrings in place of the dangly snowflake earrings, and just like that, I was ready to grab my purse cell phone, and camera and head out the door.

The closest Victoria's Secret to my house is about 25 minutes away, which meant I had plenty of time to talk myself out of it, but I just couldn't turn back. It reminded me of the time I went to Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed as a girl. It was a crazy thought when I first conjured it, but it was so daring that I just had to find a way to pull it off. And so as I drove down the interstate, I kept nervously glancing at my face in the rearview mirror making sure everything was perfect. At least I knew that I was dressed like a total girl, and I was confident that my outfit while cute would not stand out.

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