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Vanity Fair Outlet Shopping and Target

If you asked me what my favorite brand of panties are these days I would undoubtedly say "Vanity Fair." I bought my first pair of Vanity Fair panties a little over a year ago when I was looking for a teal bra at Kohl's. I found just the bra I was looking for made by Lily of France, but the only matching panties I could find were by Vanity Fair. I bought the combination of bra and panties from the clearance racks in the lingerie department, and when I got home to try them on, I was amazed at how much I loved both items. At the time, Kohl's was having a special on their clearance panties where you could buy three for ten dollars, so I went back a few days later and purchased three more pairs of Vanity Fair panties in various colors.

I noticed early on this summer that after three or four days of straight girl time that my laundry basket was filling up with my Vanity Fair panties first and then the others after that, so that told me without even really thinking about it what my most preferred brand of panties is currently. And even though I purchased my first pair of Vanity Fair panties last summer, it's definitely not the first time I've worn them. When I was growing up, I was first introduced to them by my good friend's mother in a round about way. She was a single mom working two jobs and had little time for putting the laundry completely away, and so my wandering eyes would often catch a glimpse of some of the most pretty panties I have ever seen. I used to borrow a pair and wear them for a few days and then take them back to my friend's house and put them in the hamper only to borrow a clean pair for the next few days. I noticed that the tag on her panties read Vanity Fair, and they were so much prettier than what my own mother wore, and so I've always had fond memories of the brand...I just never started buying them for myself until last year.

Well, I happen to live and work closely to a Vanity Fair outlet store, but the strange thing is I have never been there as a girl. I have been there as a guy with my wife a time or two, and the store carries much much more than lingerie, and so I never really got a chance to scrutinize their selection of Vanity Fair bras and panties, and so today I decided to visit the Vanity Fair outlet to see what I could find.

I already knew the skirt I would wear today, and so I paired that with another look that I have been dying to try: layering a cropped sweater over a camisole. I picked a crème-colored cami with cute buttons down the front that matched the base color of my skirt, and then I wore for the first time the coral colored cropped sweater that I bought at the Old Navy outlet last month. I was thrilled with the combination because the colors actually matched, and I loved the effect the cropped sweater created by moving my waistline upwards and letting the flow of the skirt add to my curves around my hips. I really wanted to wear my new red and white polka dot flats, but they were too casual for this look and so I opted to go with plain brown mary jane flats and nude pantyhose. I don't know that a girl would actually wear this kind of outfit to work, but I think she would wear it out for an evening of shopping, especially if she wanted to look cute more than she wanted to look comfortable.

I've been stocking up on shrugs and cropped sweaters because I think I can create some cute outfits by layering them over my collection of camisoles, but mid-summer is not exactly the best seen to be layering things under a sweater. Tonight, however, lady luck was on this lady's side because a storm was moving through my area providing thick cloud cover and a little bit of rain. It certainly didn't cool the air way down, but it was enough to justify my wearing a cropped sweater, and so I was excited at my outfit. Perhaps one reason why I have never visited the Vanity Fair outlet as a girl is because it's about a 30 minute drive from my home when other stores are so much closer. Still, it gave me a new destination, and I was excited at the prospect of visiting an outlet store that carried lingerie. I arrived safely and took a few pics from the dash of my car in front of the outlet itself.

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