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Swimming At The Public Pool

An activity that I've always longed to do en femme is swim at the public pool, but there are quite a few logistics involved in doing that not the least of which is the ability to pass in a women's bathing suit from all angles. As I result, I've never attempted the feat until day when I finally felt I was passable enough and ready enough to go swimming at our public pool as a girl.

The first step in swimming at the pool as a girl is buying a bathing suit, but it couldn't be just any bathing suit; it would have to be something that fit the situation and one that could actually accommodate my body. As a result, I decided to find the suit I needed online because I just didn't have the time to browse around at various stores trying to find something that would work.

When I first began my quest online, I was torn between fashion swimsuits and aquatic fitness swimsuits. The fashion suits were so darling with cute ruffles, polka dots, and girly cuts, but in order to pull of this swimming feat and be passable in the process, I figured that it would be best to wear a swimsuit designed for workouts.

First, what girl goes to the pool alone in a fashion swimsuit? If I had someone to go with and we were going in the afternoon, a fashion suit would have worked, but the only girls my age who go to the pool alone go there to workout early in the morning, and so I finally decided to go with an aquatic fitness swimsuit made by Speedo that was cut in such a manner as to help me pass from all sides. I chose a blue flowery swimsuit that was also kinda cute, but I could tell by the cut both in the front and the rear that it would work for my needs.

Prior to going to the pool, I donned the suit and took pictures from all angles, and I was satisfied that it would work for me, and so the next hurdle I had to face was figuring out how to actually get inside the pool area without going through the women's locker room. I have enough confidence that I could have entered the women's locker room and quickly made my way to the pool area, but for reasons I blogged about yesterday, I felt that if I was going to do this, I needed to use the men's locker room. That meant I needed to enter the facility and the locker room as a boy and then come out on the other side as a girl.

There was really no surefire path to make it out of the boys locker room without the possibility of someone seeing me, and so I planned the event eliminating as many possible encounters as a I could. I also needed to carefully plan out to what extent I could transform and yet still make it through the front doors and into the men's locker room with as little suspicion as possible.

I first started out by wearing a pair of teal panties by Vanity Fair just to add that extra layer of support on my bottom half. It was critical that I continue to maintain a smooth front, and so I used panties beneath my swimsuit to do that. Fortunately I had chosen a swimsuit with a cut that could accommodate panties underneath, and so that hurdle was safely cleared. As for my top, the swimsuit was tight enough that it could contain my breast forms, which was good because I just couldn't find a fitness swimsuit cut in such a way that it could accommodate a normal bra underneath or even a racerback bra. I decided that it would be safest to insert my breast forms after entering the facility and making it safely into a bathroom stall inside the locker room.

With my swimsuit in place, I next stepped into my 4" inseam khaki women's shorts and paired that with a gray girl's tee shirt from Old Navy that has the white outline of a moped on the front. The tee was definitely a girl's cut, but it was unisex enough that I didn't think it'd arouse any suspicion. With my top and bottom in place, I next decided to wear false eyelashes through the front door and into the men's locker room. I did not want to have to try and apply my lashes holding a handheld mirror in a bathroom stall, and so I took the risk of someone noticing my false eyelashes. The final area where I was exposed was my toes. I chose to wear my girl Nike flip-flops, which would be the typical choice of a girl going to the pool. The only problem with the flip-flops were my painted toes fresh off of my recent pedicure, but that was another risk I was willing to take.

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