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Swimming At The Public Pool (page 3 of 3)

My initial goals in coming to the pool as a girl were to 1) swim 100 meters as a girl, and 2) get in the hot tub with other people as a girl. The competition lanes that the high school team were occupying are 25 meters one-way, and so I wanted to swim at least two laps back and forth there, but making the adjustment from my new location wasn't going to be too difficult. I did have one lucky break in that the lifeguard chair at the north end was unoccupied (it usually is early in the morning) as you can see in the picture at right, and then the lifeguard on the East end was facing further East where a really old gentleman was swimming back and forth in the kiddie pool area that I didn't mark on my map on the previous page. It's not that I didn't feel passable and didn't want people to look at me.  I mean, this low-maintenance-hair-back-in-a-bun-little-makeup look has worked wonders for me this summer so far, but lifeguards only have two things to do while on duty: blow their whistles at kids running around the edge of the pool and stare at people in the pool. It just made me more relaxed that the lifeguard was keeping close tabs on the elderly gentleman instead of me.

As I arrived at my corner of the pool to set up, I brought a lounge chair as close to the pool as I dared, put my cell phone in the pocket of my swim bag, and then started to record. I will let the video tell the next few minutes of the story:

Unfortunately, with all of the videos I've created and all of the pictures stored on my phone, I ran out of memory approximately four minutes into my swim darn it.  I can't believe that I was so careless because after swimming down to the far stairs the first time, I got out of the pool so you could see me walking back to my little corner. Then, the next time I got back in the pool and began to swim a modified backstroke (I say modified because I was modifying my breast stroke and back stroke so my hair wouldn't be bouncing in and out of the water for obvious reasons), a new guy came into the scene and started walking along the north edge of the pool right alongside me as I swam. And not only was he walking next to me, he was watching me the entire way!! Trust me, he wasn't try to pick up on me. He was in his twenties, and I'm almost fifty, but it turns out he was scouting for an area to swim himself.

He had set up a private swim lesson with a female instructor who was closer to my age, and they ended up swimming just to the south of my course. I was so dejected afterwards when I went to watch the video and saw just how much was lost because you would have been able to see these two in the pool in front of my camera going over some instructions and then swimming right next to me back and forth almost the entire time.

In the end, I ended up swimming four Lisa laps meaning I went to the stairs and back four times. I swam a modified breast stroke twice and a modified back stroke twice, so in all I probably swam close to 200 meters. Once I had accomplished my goal of swimming in the pool as a girl, my next plan was to get in the hot tub, but unfortunately, my front came a bit undone with all of the swimming, and while it wasn't totally obvious, it wasn't smooth as it needed to be, especially if I was going to climb down the stairs to the hot tub with other people in it, and so I decided to end my morning at the pool at that point. The bad news is that I didn't enter the hot tub and achieve both of my goals, but the good news is that since I didn't accomplish that second goal, it means that I'm going to try it again in the future, and when I do, you can bet that my phone's storage will be sufficiently cleared.  I also realized that I need to record in landscape mode instead of portrait mode in order to capture a wider view of the area.  The pocket on my swim bag accommodated my phone perfectly in portrait mode, but I will figure out a good way next time to record everything in landscape.

My entry into the recreation center and pool area required a lot of planning and scheming, but fortunately this pool has a gate where you can exit right out into the parking lot, and so I wrapped my lower half in a towel, slipped back into my flip-flops, picked up my bag, and then exited the gate and walked back to my car all without incident. I'm really sorry that I didn't get the entire pool trip documented because it annoys me when people tell me about daring outings en femme without documenting it in pictures or video, but at least you can tell from what I have posted that I swam in a public pool as a girl even for just a little bit.

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