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Swimming At The Public Pool (page 2 of 3)

With my phase 1 outfit set, I took a large canvas bag similar to what someone would take to the pool and packed it with a towel, swim goggles, my wig, my breast forms, my cell phone, a handheld mirror, and a Ziploc bag that contained a few makeup items. Before I left the house, I finally donned a baseball cap to attempt to cover my eyes somewhat, and then the final accessory was a boy's hoodie that zipped up in the front. This hoodie would be key because I would wear it with the hood up and pulled tightly to make it out of the men's locker room and into the pool area. My hope was that the hood would sufficiently mask my wig and my face with eye makeup and lipstick.

The public pool was just a few minutes from house, and I arrived there about 6:00 AM. The public pool is also part of a larger recreation facility, and so it gets quite crowded with people there to run, lift weights, play racquetball, etc. The usual lady who works the front desk was there, and I recognized her, but I doubt she really recognized me. In order to enter the facility, a user has to pay a fee or they can key in their membership code into a keypad. Since we have a membership to the facility, I keyed in my code and was so nervous that I got it wrong the first time. I think the lady at the desk may have noticed my eyelashes because I perceived a bit of a stare, but as I was fiddling with the code, two men came towards the desk from the inside providing a bit of a distraction. While the men distracted the lady at the front desk, now my painted toenails were exposed to the guys, but I was committed at this point, so I keyed in my code correctly the second time and headed towards the locker room not caring what anyone thought.

When I made it safely inside the locker room, I was pleased to see that no one was milling about the bathroom stall area, and so my plan was to occupy the stall closest to the exit and transform there. To my dismay, that furthest stall was occupied, and I did not want to take the stall right next to him because I wanted a bit of fresh air, and so I decided to take the third closest stall from the exit to give myself a bit of breathing room...literally. I'll add a map here of the locker room so you can see the path I needed to take in order to transform into a girl inside the locker room and then make it to the pool area safely.

Once I was safely locked away inside of a stall, I quickly went to work towards my transformation. I first did my eye makeup by applying some eyeliner and a bit of shadow. I decided that I didn't need mascara because I would primarily be wearing swim goggles. With my eyes set, I next outlined my lips with a lip liner and then applied my usual pink lipstick. Once I was satisfied with my eye makeup, the final touch was my hair, which I pulled back into a tight bun at the base of my neck. As I was doing my makeup and hair there in the stall, there were a number of guys coming and going, and there really was never a moment when someone wasn't taking a shower, changing clothes, or doing something in front of the sinks and mirror. I at least needed to wait for the coast to clear by the sinks because a quick exit from a stall would at least draw someone's glance, and I was already in girl mode.

When the sink area finally cleared, I could still hear the showers going, and I could hear at least one other person fiddling with his locker, so I knew that it wouldn't be a clean get-away. Still, I had no choice, and so I pulled the hoodie tight around my hair and face, exited the stall, and dashed towards the locker room exit. I could tell out of the corner of my eye that the guy in the changing area wasn't looking my way, and so then there was the fleshy figure of the guy on the other side in the showers. I assume he was busy washing his body, but I just couldn't tell if he was looking in my direction, and so I continued my beeline to the exit. The biggest risk would have been if someone had entered the locker room from the pool at the moment I was exiting, but thankfully that didn't happen, and so I made it out of the men's locker room and into the pool area safely (yay!). The instant that I entered the pool area, I removed my hoodie, and just like that, I was now a girl at the public pool.

I will next produce a map of the pool area so you can see what I faced at this point:

My plan was to turn left and put my things on the bleachers and then swim back and forth in one of the six competition lanes running north to south. The front bench of the bleachers would have provided the perfect place to discretely place my camera so I could record myself going back and forth as I swam. Unfortunately, there was a high school swim team occupying all but one of the swim lanes, and the one remaining lane was occupied by an older gentlemen. There was no way I was going to squeeze in there and be able to record the whole thing stealthily because there were probably 20 people at that end of the pool, and so I ended up moving to the right of the pool and occupying the north east corner with plans to swim along the north edge of the pool from the east edge to the far stairs since a water aerobics class was going in in the center section of the pool just beyond the hot tub.

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