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Lisa Does Sushi!

Over the summer I was trying to arrange a time with my friend Mindy when we could meet up and have breakfast together. I think Mindy initially suggested meeting for lunch or for coffee, but the only time we could work it into both of our schedules seemed to fall early in the morning, and so it ended up that I suggested we meet for breakfast instead.

We ended up not meeting after all due to scheduling conflicts, but I specifically remember at the time how fun it would be to go out to eat with another girl at a sit-down restaurant. I have been to plenty of restaurants as a girl, but they have all been fast-food places, and so I wanted to see what it was like to have someone actually wait on me, and then I was really interested in the dialog that I would have with the waitress throughout the whole dining experience..

Today I had a few hours around lunch time, and so I decided that I would go and have lunch as a girl at a sit-down restaurant even if it meant that I ate alone. I was thinking of different places I could go, and places where it wouldn't seem too weird for a girl to be eating by herself, and I finally decided on going out for sushi!  Sushi has become one of my favorite foods the last few years, and I decided that if I was going to eat out as a girl, I may as well visit a place that I really like.

I'm not exactly sure what a girl wears when she goes out for sushi alone, but I had yet to wear my new pink and white stripe Polo top out in public, and so I decided that today would be as good as any. This particular top is quite thick and has sleeves that go down near the elbow, so it's not ideal for the summer heat, but with the onset of Autumn, it's the perfect top to wear on a sunny Autumn day, and so it was an easy choice for me.  It's also a form fitting top, and so it forces me to choose the correct bra for the occasion, and so leaving nothing to chance, I wore my favorite white bra from Victoria's Secret underneath.

Along with this pretty pink top, I decided to wear my new white shorts that I also purchased from Polo over the summer. These shorts have quite a long inseam, which is different from the style these days of inseams more in the 2 - 4 inch range, but it was fun to go out with a top and matching bottom from the same boutique. I was tempted to wear a pair of pantyhose beneath my shorts today just because, but I've progressed enough in my dressing to wear I will only wear something if the other girls out and about will be wearing it too, and I was quite sure I wouldn't run into another girl wearing pantyhose beneath or shorts, and so I decided to go bare-legged.

Capping off my outfit, I slipped into my white strappy sandals that highlighted my painted toenails, and then I completed my look with a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head and my beloved large hoop earrings. I was out the door before I knew it and headed to Costco first so I could fill up our SUV with fuel. I just love putting off errands like this until I can complete them as a girl, and so I pulled into our nearby Costco and posed at the pump in my Polo outfit.  For a change, I decided to post a pic of me from behind, and I really like this pic because you can see the outline of my bra beneath my top.

When I was done with the errand, it was time to drive to one of my favorite sushi houses, which is just a few minutes away from Costco. As I pulled into the parking lot, there were two other cars in front of the sushi house, and I was thankful that the restaurant wouldn't be too full. By the time I arrived at my destination, it was about 1:45 PM, well after the usual lunch time crowd, and so I grabbed my purse and headed through the doors of the sushi house waiting to be greeted by my hostess.

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