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Outdoor Photo Shoot in My Full Slips

Over the past few months, I've really been digging down deep inside of my mind in an effort to define who I really am and explain why I act as I do and why I have the thoughts that I do. I also feel a need to make it known where I stand on various political issues as well and where I fit in with regards to the entire LGBT movement...if I fit in at all. I'm planning a series of essays that I'll label "The Lisa Files" that will really explore my insides instead of always focusing on the exterior. Perhaps this will also serve as a means of self therapy and allow me to establish my deepest feelings in regards to my daily struggle of being a transgender individual.

I open with that paragraph in order to illustrate where my mind has been the last few months, and so prior to the start of my summer girl time, I knew that I wanted to do a special photo shoot that kind of stripped away all of the exterior things and just focused on the core of who I am inside...a girl. For this photo shoot, I wanted to be wearing the bare minimum yet still remain tasteful, and I also wanted to conduct it out in the open. I felt that if I stayed in doors, it would be symbolic of trying to keep my transgender side hidden and in the shadows, and so I definitely wanted to do something outside in a beautiful setting.

I finally determined that it would be fun to do a photo shoot of me wearing nothing but my collection of full slips, especially since I just added a new slip to my collection. Beneath my full slips, I would be wearing a simple pair of white panties but nothing else since I wanted to keep things to a bare minimum. I also didn't want to wear any shoes or sandals because the thought of my prancing around outside bare foot just felt right. The more I thought about such a photo shoot, the more the girl inside of began to burst with excitement.

As for the location, I considered somewhere in nature like the mountains, but I wanted somewhere that would provide a little bit more diversity like the grounds of the French Château where Heidi and I did a photo shoot earlier this summer. I knew that I would get kicked out of that place straightway if I showed up wearing nothing but a full slip, and so I finally settled on the grounds of a popular wedding hall in my area. I was not going to do the photo shoot during an actual event as that would have likely gotten me arrested, but I was confident that I could maneuver around the grounds subtly enough so as to not attract a lot of attention.

As you can see from this aerial photo, the wedding hall is surrounded by enough trees and pretty gardens to keep me somewhat secluded, but it is also situated on some busy roads that accommodate a fair volume of traffic. I knew that in places I would be right out in the open with cars coming in either direction, but I was betting on the fact that I'm likely the only one that would ever glance to the right or left just in case someone was cross dressed and prancing around the grounds of an old church as I drove by.

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