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Skiing As A Girl!

The last month or so for me has been quite successful in my female endeavors since I've actually been able to check two items off of my crossdressing bucket list during that span. A few weeks ago I was finally able to go shopping on Black Friday dressed as a girl, and today I checked off yet another item as I was finally able to go skiing as a girl!

I haven't been a skier all of my life and only really started once my children were old enough to where we could go as a family. Skiing is the perfect activity for a guy to wear pantyhose in order to stay warm, and so I reveled each chance I got to go skiing because I knew it meant shaving my legs in the morning and then wearing panties and pantyhose beneath my ski pants and clothes for the rest of the day. My skiing experience was further enhanced when my wife actually bought me ski pants from the women's section after finding them on sale at an unbeatable price.

Being able to dress from the neck down in female attire as I skied was just a bonus, but I always longed to be able to go skiing completely en femme. I'm not sure what the attraction was to that since passing as a female skier isn't that difficult, but I suppose it was just one more area where I wanted to know what it was like to experience every day occurrences as a girl.

I first hatched the plan to go skiing en femme over the Thanksgiving holiday when I noticed that one of my favorite resorts was offering the promotion of a full day pass for just $20 if you brought a toy to donate to the Toys For Tots program. The promotion was for a Wednesday in December, and I figured that Wednesdays are probably the least crowded day of the week at the resort. I wasn't necessarily worried about crowds of people; rather, I really didn't want to have to ride the lift with someone who was overly talkative in fear that my voice would give me away. So with that fear eliminated (or so I thought), I just couldn't pass up the $20 price tag because I wouldn't even have to spend the whole day on the slopes in order to get my money's worth. The more I thought about it, the more I determined that this would be the perfect time for me to go skiing as a girl, and so I set my plan in motion.

Previously, I blogged about my week during the Thanksgiving holiday when my wife was away and I stayed at home to be with the kids. During that time, I talked about visiting Walgreen's on Thanksgiving evening to pick up some Christmas lights and a present that one of my children wanted that happened to be featured in the Walgreen's Thanksgiving ad. What I didn't mention was my purchasing an additional toy that night, which I intended to donate to Toys for Tots so I could go skiing on this particular day for $20. Having that toy in the trunk of my car for the last few weeks, really helped me stay committed to my plan, especially when I was having feelings of doubt and backing out of the plot all together.

I was anxious leading right up to the night before my skiing adventure, but the girl inside me convinced me to just go for it and hit the slopes completely en femme. I already knew what my outfit would be since I'm usually dressed as a girl when I go skiing from the neck down anyway. The only item that I don't wear as a guy when I go skiing is a bra, and I have plenty of practice wearing those anyway, so it wouldn't be a big deal at all. :-)  As for my outfit, I decided to wear a skin tight turtle neck in a plum color that is designed to keep in my body heat, and it's the same top that I paired with my ski pants in previous pictures when I talked about wearing unisex clothing. The best bra to wear beneath this top is actually a beige color, and so I paired that beige bra with a pair of Vanity Fair panties in a pretty coral color.

Depending on the temperature at the ski resort, I will either wear thick tights or a simple pair of pantyhose, and the forecast for today called for overnight lows around 28 degrees Fahrenheit and highs in the mid-thirties. That's definitely pantyhose weather, and so I completed my undergarments with a pair of L'eggs support pantyhose in a taupe shade. Because my ski pants are so toasty, I left them on the bed and did my hair and makeup just wearing the plum top with my taupe nylons covering my lower half. I kind of wondered about how precise I should do my eye makeup because I would be wearing ski goggles most of the time, but there were still those situations where my face would be exposed like trading in the toy and purchasing my ticket.

My makeup and hair went smoothly, and I was ready to leave the house by about 8:45 AM. The drive to this particular ski resort takes about 50 minutes, and I thought that arriving there by 10 AM would be just fine. I actually only took four hours off of work today, and so I wanted to get in about two full hours of skiing before driving back down to the valley, transforming back into drab, and then heading into work that afternoon. As I headed to the ski resort, I of course clicked away with my camera from the dashboard hoping that the pics would properly capture my figure with this skin tight top over the perfect bra. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results.

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