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Shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren

At the midpoint of my two weeks as Lisa, I already know what my finale will be when I get Wicked again, but I wanted to do something super fun and daring part way through my girl time. About a month ago, my wife got a post card from the Polo Ralph Lauren store near us, and it offered an additional 20% off ones purchase through the last weekend in July. I took note of he card immediately and knew that the expiration date would fall after my Lisa time started, so then it was just a matter of whether or not my wife would use the card herself before her vacation.

As luck would have it, she got too busy to go to the Polo store, and so there the postcard stayed attached to our refrigerator with a magnet. I'm the kind of girl that once I get a plan in my mind, I have to carry it out, and so I determined several weeks ago that I would go shopping at the Polo Ralph Lauren store and use my wife's card. Now, I have been shopping at countless stores and am quite comfortable going out, but the Polo store is different because the staff their wants the customers to spend money, and so they are extremely attentive to anyone who walks through the door.

Many people will look at my pictures and say, 'Girl, you can pass anywhere,' and while I love that compliment, it just isn't so, and lately what gets me read the most is that I'm unable to engage a helpful salesperson as a girl. So I knew that if I went shopping at the Polo store, there would be a high probability that I would be read, not because I couldn't present myself as a girl but because I don't sound like a girl. With already one strike against me, I'm also tall, and then I do have guy facial features starting with my nose. Those are my three strikes in a nutshell, and I thought it would be impossible to have all three of those areas overlooked if I went shopping at the Ralph Lauren store.

Still, I wanted to do it, and it would have been a shame for that postcard to go to waste, and so I determined today that I would just be myself and regardless of the circumstances, I would go shopping for Polo. As for my outfit, I tried to think what a woman my age would wear to the Polo store, and so I chose my navy and white striped shirt dress that I bought at the Vanity Fair outlet. Actually, when I bought those white sandals the other day at Gordman's, I knew right then that I would wear them with this dress to Polo, and so it was exciting to actually put the outfit together and leave the door.

The store is about 10 minutes from my home, so I didn't have too much time to compose myself. After taking a few dashboard pictures, I turned off the road into the stores that contained the Ralph Lauren boutique. Not knowing exactly what waited for me, I grabbed my purse and marched right through the front door. As expected, the manager of the store, a woman named Beverly who was late fifties, greeted me and began to explain the different sales. I maintained constant eye contact with Beverly and nodded my head, and then after hearing that everything in the store was 30% off, I pulled the postcard out of my purse and asked if this applied as well. Beverly was excited as she told me yes, and our conversation lasted for probably 20 seconds. I will never know what was going through Beverly's mind, but she did not bat an eye at me and was completely professional.

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