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A Trip to the Post Office

crossdresser at the post officeOMG it feels so great to be a girl, and I just love it when I have a weekend to myself so I can let the true gender with which I identify come out. I'm often asked in emails how I achieve the look that I do, and my reply is always that I know that there's a girl inside of me, and all I need is a touch of makeup, the right hair, and cute clothes and then she'll just come bubbling to the surface. I can't help but to smile in all of my pictures because I'm having so much fun.

My first adventure this weekend was to take care of an errand that I desperately wanted to get done before Christmas. One of my very best girl friends, Danielle, is such a sweetheart and never hesitates to send me things if she thinks it will improve my look. She is also like a sister to me in that we sometimes share clothes. Okay, since we don't live together, it's not like we raid each other's closets, but occasionally we'll shop for ourselves online, and if something doesn't fit right then we will ask the other if she needs it. Danielle sent me the bra and garter belt that I recently posted on my crossdresser pictures page, and she's also sent me other nice things. And so any time I get the chance, I just love to return the favor and do something nice for her.

I think it was two summers ago, but I placed a huge order for clothes online from Old Navy, and part of that order included two tops that didn't quite fit me. One of the tops was a white and lavender striped short-sleeve cotton tee with a wide neckline that is so cute, but it was just too big for me. I did manage to take one set of photos wearing the top, but I had to clip the fabric together in the back so it looked like it fit. If you click here, I'm wearing the top in question in the far left pic.  So while the top was fine for the occasional photo shoot, it wasn't something that I could wear outside when I crossdress in public, and so I've been meaning to send it to Danielle who is one size larger than me and can surely put it to good use.

Along with that short-sleeve tee, I also purchased a long sleeve button up top with a cute v-neck that is perfect for layering over a white lace cami, but this top was one size large for me as well. I knew after trying on the lavender top that this long sleeve button-up wouldn't work either, so I didn't even bother putting it on for a photo shoot. I wanted to put the tops to good use, and so I decided that I would send them to Danielle if she wanted them. I asked her about it, and she said she'd give it a try, and so I've been waiting for an opportunity to send her a package that included the tops.

And so my very first adventure this weekend was to go and purchase a bubble envelope and send Danielle the two tops. As I showered and did my makeup, I could hear the wind outside swirling, and so I determined that it wouldn't be a very good day for long hair. I love long blonde hair, especially the way it feels as it brushes against my bare shoulders when I am putting my makeup on while wearing just a bra and panties, but part of successfully passing in public is to have every detail taken care of, and so I decided that I would wear my hair short today so the wind would not be an issue.

As for my outfit, I wanted to run my errands in the AM since I had work to do later, and so I determined that a woman running an errand to the post office would probably wear a simple outfit. As much as I wanted to wear a skirt or a dress today, I felt that the situation called for casual wear, and so I decided to kind of go as a yoga mom. I say "kind of" because I did wear my black yoga pants, but my top wasn't quite one that you'd wear for exercising. The top I chose today is from rue21, and it has a very wide neck with lace trim and a pretty flower print on a crème background. It's a delightful top to wear since it also reveals the color of my bra, and so I had to choose carefully today to make sure I matched the correct bra with the top. I ended up wearing a cotton bra with soft cups and no underwear since I wanted to be comfortable yet give the appearance of a very smooth bust line.

Beneath my yoga pants, I slipped into a pair of L'eggs Active Support pantyhose in a suntan shade. I like to buy this brand of pantyhose in bulk online so I always have three or four pairs on hand, and today as I slid my pantyhose on, I noticed a large run on the left leg. Since I was wearing yoga pants today, I didn't change my nylons since only the ankle would be visible anyway. After I was set with my clothing, I slipped into my black ballet flats, grabbed my purse (and camera :-) and then headed for the door.

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