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Something Pink for Valentines Day

Crossdressing for Halloween can be a super fun experience as well as the perfect time to indicate to a spouse that dressing up like a girl sounds like a fun idea, but I've noticed the last two months in particular that crossdressing for other holidays besides Halloween can be fun as well. Prior to Christmas, I was able to do some Christmas shopping while dressed as a girl, and then just a few days before the holidays, I was able to go out shopping again crossdressed to buy myself some new panties for Christmas. :-)

I know that it's not quite Valentines Day today, but it's close enough that I thought it would be super fun to go shopping for lingerie while crossdressed as a girl. I also saw some cute Valentines tees a few weeks ago at Ross, so I figured there would be something I could buy for myself today even if it wasn't lingerie. Since I seemed to be in a pink mood this morning, I decided to wear my pink skinny jeans yet again since they make me feel so sexy, and I believe that girls like us stand out less when wearing jeans in public as opposed to dresses and skirts, especially when we try and mix in during the morning shopping hours where all of the other moms are dressed in track suits or very casual clothing.

Along with my skinny jeans, I decided to wear a turtleneck sweater that I wore back in December when I went shopping for tights. Of all of the clothing I've worn over the last few years, I believe I received more positive responses from this red and gray striped turtleneck than from any other garment I own. The color scheme matched my skinny jeans well, and the red trim in my sweater complied with the Valentines Day theme. I also wore a white long-sleeve tee underneath as an extra layer, since it was too cold and rainy outside to wear short sleeves (even with a turtleneck), and this particular sweater follows the recent trend of wide cut sleeves meaning it's easy for cold air to go right inside and touch my bare skin if I don't use an extra layer.

I began my day as usual by showering and shaving my legs and armpits. It was then time to help get the kids off to school, and this gave me enough time to cool down from my shower. If I apply my makeup directly out of the shower, I usually do it while wearing just a bra and panties, but I had about thirty minutes this morning with the kids after my shower, and so when it was time to put on my makeup, I was glad to have the long sleeve tee to wear over my bra. I also pulled on a pair of Active Support pantyhose from L'eggs since tight jeans go on much easier over a shiny pair of pantyhose. As for my bra and panties, I selected my new bra from Victoria's secret and then paired it with the white Vanity Fair panties that I purchased just before Christmas meaning that for my second outing in a row, my bra and panties least in color!

As I did my hair and makeup, I decided that I would spend my girl time this morning shopping at Kohl's. I haven't been to Kohl's since last summer, and going to a department store would mean I'd have lots of different...well...departments to shop in. I was excited to look at the Valentines Day lingerie, but I knew I'd also be able to try on shoes, shop for bras and panties, and then browse the clearance racks of women's clothing all in an attempt to buy something pink for Valentines Day. Kohl's just seemed like the perfect destination today, and so I finished my makeup and hair and then provided the finishing touch with the new dangly earrings I bought a few weeks ago at Target, which also happen to be pinkish in color.

The closest Kohl's to my house is less than 10 minutes away, and so the drive there was short. It was raining today, which meant I needed to drive just a little bit more carefully (i.e. more like a girl than I usually do), but the weather certainly didn't dampen my spirits. I felt just like a little girl on Christmas morning knowing that I'd have a bout 90 minutes of shopping ahead of me dressed like a girl.

As I pulled into the Kohl's parking lot, I noticed that there were just a few other cars, and I determined that was probably due to the weather and the early morning hour. I parked next to the side entrance, which leads to the shoe department and housewares inside, and that was just fine with me since I can't think of a better place to start my shopping than in shoes. Before I entered the store, I noticed that the rain had let up, and so I put my camera on the roof of my car and took a quick shot in front of the department store. When I got home and looked at the picture, I noticed a white van parked just behind me where a lady in the passengers seat was looking right at me. I can only wonder what was going through her mind. :-).

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