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Getting A Pedicure

Today was truly a pink-letter day in my history as a transgender person. For the first time in my life, I knowingly put myself into a situation where I would be forced to engage another person one on one in an experience that went far beyond telling a sales lady that I was fine or telling the person behind the cash register "credit" and/or "thank you." Several years ago I was shopping at Target en femme, and as I was waiting to check out, there was a lady in front of me with a baby in the cart that wasn't even one year old. The little girl was facing my direction, and so we locked eyes and I gave her a smile. She returned my grin, and the two of us had our moment.

But that was with a person who wasn't old enough to understand the complications of gender, and so while it was heart warming to make that human connection, it didn't really count. Today I forced myself into a position where it would count. Today I went to a day spa and got a pedicure as a girl.

I've had many good girl friends encourage me over the years to get a pedicure, but I was terrified at the thought of facing someone one on one for an extended period of time with me en femme. I simply didn't have the courage. In the last few years, however, as I've improved my look...and my mindset, I finally ginned up the courage to get a pedicure as a girl with a little help an encouragement from my friends.

The first step to getting a pedicure as a girl is making that phone call to set an appointment. I chose to go to a day spa because it would be a more personable experience; it would mostly be me one on one with the nail technician. My fears about going to a nail salon in a strip mall is that the chairs are all lined up, and you never know who you'll be next too, and you don't know how many people will be in the establishment. It took all the courage I had just to make the appointment with this day spa, and the thought of an average nail salon introduced too many variables that I didn't want to face. Maybe someday, but not now.

I made the first call to the day spa 10 days before I knew my summer girl time would start. I was a nervous wreck and thought over and over to just give up on the idea and paint my nails by myself, but something in my mind wouldn't let me back out, and so with trembling hands, I dialed the nail salon and made an appointment giving them my girl name. My voice at the time was not good, but part of me was okay if they knew I was transgender from the beginning. My purpose in getting the pedicure was not to see if I could fool them into thinking I was a genetic girl; my purpose was to get my girl time off to the perfect start with a new experience and pretty nails.

Once I had made the appointment, I literally put myself to sleep the next 10 nights thinking about the outfit I'd wear to the pedicure. I wanted to wear a skirt so bad, but there are obvious reasons why that wouldn't necessarily be a good choice, so I was debating back and forth between my boyfriend jeans from JCrew and my denim short-shorts. The problem with the short-shorts is..well, I'm 46 years old. And then the problem with the boyfriend jeans is that they may not have exposed enough of my legs and ankles for me to put my feet in the water and to get the leg massage. As a result, I finally determined to wear a loose skirt that I could tuck in between my legs like a proper lady.

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