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Getting A Pedicure (page 2 of 3)

For my top, I chose my Ann Taylor short-sleeve sweater blouse with a darling ribbon pattern at the v-neck, and then I paired that with a black and white striped jersey skirt that is so comfy yet cute. Because I was getting a pedicure, open-toe sandals would have been the obvious choice, but I didn't have any sandals that looked good with this outfit, and so I went with my black ballet flats remembering to wear the little nylon footsie socks so my bare feet were as fresh as possible for the technician.  For the final touch to my look, I used a pretty rose hair clip to keep my long bangs out of my face.  I think it added a really feminine touch.

The day before my girl time was set to begin, I was stranded overnight in an airport, and while I'll talk about that experience sometime in the future, the end result was that I had to cancel my appointment darn it. I was so depressed at the thought, and part of the reason was that I would have to call again to make a new appointment. When I made that second call, I spent two straight hours getting my voice to a place where I could 1) make a legitimate appointment with the day spa, and 2) use that same voice to carry on a conversation for 30 minutes plus. I was able to take my voice to a different level, which I will detail and even reveal later, but suffice it to say that I having a decent voice was key to my confidence.

After making the appointment that second time, I was so elated I was walking on air, and so the final step was the fun part: following through on the pedicure. I chose a day spa about 30 minutes away from my home in a part of town that I thought would be the most friendly to a transgender person, and I was extremely calm driving the entire way. I did fuss with my hair a bit too long and was in danger of being late, but the gods were with me today, and I arrived at the day spa exactly at my appointed time.

This particular day spa was converted from an older house, and it was decorated in a Moroccan theme. The owner of the day spa, Jeff, greeted me as I entered, and for the time in my life someone who isn't a fellow t-girl addressed me in my girl name. It was really weird, and I have to admit that it took a bit to sink in. It's one thing to blog here and to chat with people and exchange emails as Lisa, but to actually be addressed in that name by a stranger was surreal. Jeff was extremely kind and invited me to sit down as he called the nail technician. He also offered me water, which I refused because I didn't want to have to tinkle any time soon. When Jeff left the entry area, I was so busy taking selfies that I didn't have time to sit down before they called me. The room for the pedicures and manicures was on the second floor, so I climbed the stairs and met for the first time, Jenny, my technician. Jenny was a pretty little petite woman from Thailand, and she was so sweet the entire time. She too called me Lisa, and that's when it really began to set in.

Jenny saw me to a large massage chair, and I sat down and removed my flats and footsie socks. She pointed out a stack of magazines next to me and then a huge basket of OPI nail polish, so I could choose a color. For some reason, I was disinterested in a magazine and the massage chair. I just wanted to watch the pedicure and take pictures. Jenny first walked in with a tub of hot soapy water and placed my fee inside. As my feet soaked, she scurried about bringing in her tools, towels, etc. and then she began. She put a board over the end of soapy water and placed my left foot on the board so she could work on that one first. As she set my foot on the board, it was visibly trembling, and I had to mentally tell myself, "Lisa, stop it!! Just relax." And so I did. When it was clear to Jenny that I wasn't going to hide in a magazine, and I wasn't interested in the massage chair, we began to converse. We talked a bout work; we talked about travel; we talked about the outdoor activates in our state; we talked about pets; we talked about her husband and she scolded him in Thai when she was angry even though though he couldn't understand; we talked about my job; where I was from, and on and on. Basically, we were two beautiful girls enjoying the conversation.

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