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Shopping for a New Maxi Skirt...or Two

Today was one of those mornings where everything just seemed to go right. There was a threat of a major snow storm in the area, but the temperatures were warm enough that anything that hit the ground quickly melted, and so I was able to drive around without the fear of slipping off the road. I also had what I would consider a good hair today, and then I was really pleased with my makeup as well. The first two times that I went out this month, I was quite self conscious for some reason, and it was likely due to my gaining about 8 lbs since the summer. I think it's just the natural instinct of a girl who has put on weight to be negative about her appearance, but as I got ready this morning, everything just seemed to fall in place and foreshadow the wonderful morning I would have crossdressed out in public as well.

Once again, I was grateful for a rare day to dress during the winter time because it allows me to try out fashions that I normally couldn't in the warm weather of the summer, and it's also a great excuse to pull out my opaque tights to wear beneath a skirt. As for my outfit today, I have this really fun blouse that is a silky texture and very frilly in the front. It's navy with tiny white polka dots, and then it almost has a baby doll cut to it at the bottom where it flares outward near the waist. This blouse also isn't sleeveless per se, but the sleeves are so short that it's definitely something to wear in warmer weather. Still, I very much wanted to wear this blouse out to do some shopping, and so I decided to layer it beneath a cropped sweater from Old Navy in a heather gray shade. I really want to start wearing cropped sweaters over my camisoles to create different looks, but today I opted for this feminine blouse underneath my sweater.

As for the bottom half of my look, I wanted to wear black opaque tights since I have worn brown tights in my two previous outings, and as I opened up my pantyhose drawer to find some tights to wear, I noticed my pair of black footless tights with the lace trim around the cuff. They are such a fun pair of tights and make me feel young, and so I decided to wear my black footless tights today for a little change. Over the tights I chose to wear my knee-length denim skirt because I felt as if I was putting together a casual outfit, and I've worn these footless tights with this skirt before and liked the results. To cap off my outfit, I decided to wear a simple pair of black ballet flats, and then if you look really close at my ankles, you can see that I'm wearing a very sheer pair of suntan pantyhose beneath everything just because I didn't want to go out with bare feet in my flats. Of course, I may have also wanted to wear pantyhose after shaving my legs to perfection this morning too. ;-)

With my outfit decided, it was time to find a matching purse, and for this morning's outing, I decided to borrow one of my wife's nicer purses, a gray bag from Coach. It's a very elegant handbag, and I think it went well with the blue/gray colors of my outfit, and as I took that final look in my full length mirror, I really felt good. I love those mornings where you're just so confident that you feel as if you can conquer the world, and usually on these days I like to go to Victoria's Secret, but the closest one to my house is just too far away, and I couldn't afford the drive time this morning, especially in the yucky weather. And so plan B for my shopping outing was a new Gordman's that they built near my home within the last 6 months. I had never heard of the store until they started construction on it, so this morning I decided to go and check out Gordman's and see if it was a fitting place for a girl like me.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the weather was very stormy today with skiffs of snow on the roads, but the snow was mixed with rain, and so the warmer air meant that there was no ice on the roads...yay! I just can't imagine having a morning to be a girl and then getting snowed in. Anyway, I drove super careful on my way to Gordman's, and once I arrived, I noticed that the parking lot was quite empty. It wasn't too surprising I suppose, since most people wouldn't go out in this weather unless they really had too. The nice thing about the empty parking lot is that it enabled me to pace my camera on the trunk of my car and pose for a few pictures in front of the store. You can actually see the snow falling in the pic, and then you can see how wet the ground is as well, but I was only worried about taking a good picture. ;-).

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