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Shopping with Heidi Phox!

Today really was a red-letter day in my history of cross dressing. It was the first time that I have ever socialized face to face with another person while I was presenting myself en femme. That this other person happened to be Heidi Phox made the day all that much more special, and then when you factor in our shopping at the Vanity Fair outlet with a sea of clothes, nighties, bras, and panties all waiting to be browsed through by our pretty fingers, it was truly a remarkable day.

Heidi indicated to me several weeks back that she would have a dressing day coming up and asked if perhaps I would be able to meet her somewhere since we both live and work less than 30 minutes apart. It just so happened that the day she selected would work for me, and so the two of us began planning furiously where to meet, what to do, what to wear, etc. We finally settled on the Vanity Fair outlet since the one near us has lots of floor space and provides a nice, quiet setting for girls like us to shop. We also had the agreement that should either of us back out--even at the very last minute--that the other one wouldn't be hurt, and such an agreement is understandable considering Heidi and I are both in very similar places in our lives in regards to family, age, kids' ages, wife's level of acceptance, etc. Fortunately, everything fell into place and the stars did align, which allowed Heidi and I to finally meet and do some shopping together girl to girl.

Whenever you meet a girl for shopping or lunch, of course the first thought that runs through your mind is 'what am I going to wear?' and Heidi and I were no different. It was fun exchanging emails back and forth discussing what to wear, how casual should we be, should we wear skirts or jeans, and on and on. We finally decided to go super casual, and we both emailed each other our outfits beforehand so we knew exactly what the other one would wear. As for my outfit, I wanted to wear a new top that I had purchased back in January at a thrift store. The top is a chocolate color and has tons of ruffles specifically focused on one side of the garment and around the neckline, and while I thought it was super cute when I bought it, once I saw my pics from today I noticed how it made my boobs look different sizes and out of balance. Oh well, it was still a girly top and perfect for the occasion, so I decided to pair it with a simple pair of denim capris and my cute red flats with white polka dots. True to form, the only accessories I used as part of my look was a wedding ring, a cute cloth purse with brown and red to match my top and shoes, and a pair of sunglasses perched atop my head.

Heidi and I decided to meet in the parking lot of the Vanity Fair outfit and then walk in together. We messaged each other all morning updating each other on our statuses, and around 10:30 AM, I pulled into the parking lot of the outlet and finally met Heidi Phox! I was wondering what it would be like to actually meet someone else face to face, especially another girl like Heidi. Would we hug which is what most girls would do? Would we shake hands which is what most guys would do? Or would we just say hello to each other, which is what Heidi and I did. It was truly an interesting moment, and it reminded me of the first time I even dared to venture out into public crossdressed because I had no idea what to expect. I was in new territory even though I knew Heidi quite well and we had corresponded over and over the last few months, but this was the first time ever that I was socializing with someone face to face, and it was a new experience if not a bit nerve-racking. It was funny though because both Heidi and I instinctively knew that we should each carry each others phones because we were both dead-set on taking as many pictures of the day as we could. And so with Heidi's iPhone in my hand and my Nexus in her hand, we headed for the doors...but not before taking pictures of each other at the entrance. :-)

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