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Golfing as a Girl

crossdresser playing golfBecause I was born a genetic male, there are certain physical attributes that I must deal with for the rest of my life. However, just because I am a male genetically, I don't believe it resembles who I am internally. Beginning from my childhood, I can't say that I was a typical boy. For example, I had absolutely no interest in playing with Tonka trucks and other toys that represented heavy machinery. I thought GI Joe was stupid and had no interest in military toys. I also hated to wrestle and rough house with my brothers or other boys and avoided such rough play as much as possible since it made me extremely uncomfortable.

It's not to say that I was effeminate as a child favoring dolls over typical boys toys; rather, I chose things to play with that were constructive and had a point. For example, I did have Hot Wheels cars and loved to play with them because I enjoyed the challenge of building tracks and judging which cars were the fastest, most efficient, and designed the best, but I was never into crashing the cars and playing rough with them. I took great care of them and organized them into groups as a girl would take care of her own things, and I was horrified for example when I'd go to a friend's house and he was so rough with his cars throwing them around and putting them in a huge pile and mixing them up so as to create a giant car crash.

cross dress golfThen there was sports. I loved sports as a child and still do, and I'm also a very athletic person, but I never enjoyed contact sports. I played soccer, basketball, and baseball as a boy, and while I enjoyed playing touch football or flag football, I despised tackle football because it was too rough. I also didn't like the attitude of so called "jocks" and the way they treated people. I was never teased as a boy because I could hold my own in any sport and was always one of the better players on the team, but I detested the alpha male bravado that pervades sports dominated by men.

As I grew older and the neighborhood games faded away, I ended up playing golf and tennis in high school...two sports that are as equally female as they are male. That I ended up on this path does not surprise me because there was nothing attractive to me about the male locker room. I was looking more for self mastery in an individual sport. And even now, the sports that I enjoy playing recreationally are those that are associated with women just as much as they are with men: golf, tennis, and even volleyball.

As a result, I've always had the desire to play these sports as a woman. I vividly remember in high school longing to be on the girl's tennis team and wearing their uniforms complete with the cute polo shirts and skorts. I longed to able to dress like the female golfers in their polo shirts and shorts with beautifully tanned, shaven legs and cute golf shoes. I always wondered what it'd be like to play sports while wearing a bra and if it felt different doing things as a girl. In college, I finally started wearing bras and panties when I'd play golf and tennis with friends, but I was just underdressing then and still had the appearance of a boy, and so today I finally experienced what it was like to play golf as a girl, even if it was just hitting golf balls at the driving range.

crossdresser golfingLike any girl when she puts together her outfit, she must match from head to toe, and since the only golf shoes I own are brown and white saddle shoes, I decided to put an outfit together in brown and white...not the cutest colors around but something that would work for me. Last spring, I bought a cute brown and white striped polo knit top from Rue 21, and it looked like something a female golfer might wear, and so I paired that with a khaki skirt that I purchased at Eddie Bauer right after I was married. The skirt is a bit loose for a golfer I suppose, but the color and style was something that I pictured a female golfer wearing. Along with my golf shoes, I decided to wear white ankle socks and then nude pantyhose underneath it all.

When I was talking to my girl friend Aimee about visiting a golf course, she recommended that I wear my hair into a ponytail and have the ponytail come out of the back of a cap. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and it was a look that would be fun to try and pull off, and I was excited when it actually looked quite passable. My hair did get a little bit messed up as I started playing, but I think the look worked, and I'm glad I tried it. Looking back, I only wish that I had worn sunglasses on the visor of my cap, but I'm sure this wouldn't be the last trip for me to the golf course dressed as a woman.

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