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"Dress Off" with Wendy

As I've kept my online diary over the years, I've come in contact with so many wonderful girls. I frequently get emails that say, "I'd love to go shopping with your or out to lunch," but the problem is we are always separated by hundreds if not thousands of miles. The one girl I have met face to face and done things with is Heidi Phox, and you couldn't ask for a neater person than that. Geographically, Heidi and I live about 12 miles apart, and yet, we are only able to meet up two or three times a year. So if Heidi and I struggle to get together, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to meet up with my other friends.

About a year ago, I introduced a dear friend of mine named Wendy, who happens to live in the Midwest. Wendy often walks her dog en femme, and she was telling me that she had made a new friend in the school crossing guard who served near her home. I gave Wendy a dare that if she would take a selfie of herself and the crossing guard, I would treat her to a new bra and panty set. Well, it only took about a week, and sure enough, Wendy fulfilled her part of the bargain and not only sent me a selfie of her and the crossing guard, but she sent like one a week for the entire month after, and so I went to Vanity Fair and purchased a new bra and panties for her.

Wendy and I keep in very close touch to this day, and she is the absolute queen when it comes to shopping at department stores and trying on dresses in the fitting rooms. Every three days or so, I get a new email from Wendy that includes tons of pics where she is trying on new dresses at the various department stores in her area. I actually get quite a good feel for the seasonal fashion trends from Wendy's outings, and it's extra fun when she reports on the various banter that goes on in the women's fitting rooms.

I know that Wendy and I would have a ball if we were ever able to go shopping together, but we happen to be separated by 1,500 miles or so, and so we have never met face to face. Being the sweetheart that she is, Wendy suggested over this past summer that we could both go shopping at the same time and then text each other pictures of the outfits we were looking at. I thought it was a fabulous idea, but I just wasn't able to arrange my schedule to fit hers over the summer, but we kept the super idea in the backs of our minds for a later date, and I'm ecstatic to report that Wendy and I were finally able to "meet up" virtually and go shopping together at our respective Kohl's department stores.

We decided that we would both arrive at Kohl's at the same time and then text each other cute outfits and dresses and then challenge the other girl to find them and try them on. It sounded like a super fun idea, and so when I learned that I would have some girl time to myself on Friday the 13th, Wendy and I made a date of it. The entire week leading up to the Friday, Wendy and I excitedly emailed back and forth giving each other ideas, and then on Wednesday or so, I got the cutest email from Wendy where she said, "I just couldn't help it...I had to go early and pick out some dresses for you to try on this Friday." It was actually good that Wendy did that because once we both started our virtual shopping adventure, we quickly learned how time consuming it was to find the outfits, try them on, and then get ourselves put back together so we could go out and do more shopping. Since we only had about two hours, Wendy's Wednesday head start made all the difference. Way to go, girl!!

When two girls plan an event like this, they of course have to decide on the perfect outfit, and so I spent the entire week fretting over what I would wear. The plan was for me to arrive at my Kohl's at 9 AM, which was 10 AM for Wendy. I desperately wanted to wear a skirt and cute blouse, but I thought at 9 AM there would only be moms out and about who had quickly put together an outfit so they could drop their kids off at school and then head to the department store, and so I decided to go simple. I started with my conservative boyfriend jeans from JCrew, and I really wanted to wear winter boots with them, but I know how hard it is to get in and out of boots, and I just didn't feel that it would be practical today, so I settled for my black ballet flats with sheer nylons underneath in a suntan shade. As for my top, I knew that I needed something easy to get in and out of, and so I decided on a white lace camisole layered beneath a cute cropped sweater in a bright peach color. I was super happy with the outfit, and I felt it was perfect for the situation.

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