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Losing a Dare and Paying Up with Bra and Panties

One of the funnest things about being a girl is meeting other girl friends. With the exception of Heidi, I've only ever associated with my girl friends online, but it's still added a super fun dimension to my exploration of the female gender. I've talked about some of my girl friends in previous blog entries, and today I have the honor of introducing you to someone new, a very close friend of mine from the Midwest named Wendy.

Wendy first emailed me last year, and for whatever reason we hit it off like two long lost friends, and our relationship has just blossomed from there. Wendy is actually a stay at home mom, and so she frequently gets opportunities to venture out into public en femme. She loves to visit department stores such as Kohl's and Pennies, and then she takes lots and lots of pictures of her trying on dresses in the fitting rooms and then sends them to me. I like to comment on the dresses with her, and occasionally Wendy will quiz me on them asking which dresses are from a certain line. It's all in good fun, and I treasure our friendship as girls.

As a stay at home mom, Wendy takes care of the chores around the home, and then she also gets outside to take care of things in the yard and walk the dog. She frequently walks the dog as Wendy, especially after her neighbors all leave for work in the morning. One day, Wendy told me that she was out as a girl walking the dog when she had a brief conversation with the school crossing guard, an older woman named Shirley. It was neat that she had made that connection with another girl, and then a few days later, she told me she stopped to talk to Shirley again, and this time they had an even lengthier conversation.

Wendy definitely had my interest piqued at this point because she was beginning to make a friend out in the real world as a girl! So one day on a whim, I gave her a dare that if she would actually take a photo of her and Shirley talking, I would buy her a new bra and panty set. Well, I'll be darned if Wendy didn't email me back a few days later with a pic of her and Shirley talking on the sidewalk! She didn't want to make it obvious, so she set up her camera on a tripod and hid it in the bushes. She then set the timer for about the time she would be walking the dog past Shirley's location, and sure enough, she was able to snap a picture of her and Shirley.  I'm posting the picture at left, and it's not crystal clear since it was taken from the bushes, but it was all the proof that I needed.

Wendy deserved the bra and panty set for her resourcefulness alone, but a few days later she sent me another pic...this one of her and Shirley posing together in a selfie as seen at right. Wendy took her camera with her on one of her walks, and as she stopped to talk to Shirley, she suggested they take a pic together since they were now becoming friends. To see Shirley well into her 80's still posing in front of the camera like a lady is priceless, and this is one of the most darling pictures I have ever seen. Way to go Wendy!!

Wendy continues to meet with Shirley on a regular basis, and she has even sent more pictures of the two of them together, so I figured it was high time that I pay up on my part of the bargain, and so today I dressed in the outfit I purchased recently at the thrift store consisting of an orange and white top from Old Navy and my new cargo pants and then headed to the Vanity Fair outlet to make good on my promise.

The weather today was quite sunny, but it is really getting chilly outside, and so I decided to wear nude pantyhose beneath my cargo pants as you can see in the picture I posted at the top of this diary entry. It's really weather for tights now, but I just had to wear my new cargo pants out once before next summer, and so I chose to wear nylons underneath. Not only would they keep me warm, but I just love how the sun glistens off of them. The drive over to the Vanity Fair outlet was uneventful, but this particular location is about 20 minutes away, so I had plenty of time to take pictures from the dashboard of my car, one of which I'm posting at left. I arrived at the store just after 10 AM, and on a weekday morning, the place was very quiet...just the way I like it.

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