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Driving to the Canyon with Danielle (page 2 of 2)

crossdressing an Ann Taylor top and silky skirtLisa:  Isn't Danielle just the sweetest heart you've ever met? Goodness, I'm am growing to love that girl, and we had such a terrific time in the mountains today. Danielle has literally been to hell and back after her gender dysphoria was discovered by others about a decade or so ago. She lost so much and nearly lost everything, and so she holds a special place in my heart in terms of friendship. I can only begin to imagine what she went through, but she is standing tall again and looking prettier than ever.

I will keep the details of her story private, but just the fact that she still cannot purge the girl inside of her even after going through that huge trial a decade ago shows to me just how deeply this condition of ours runs. The girl still has to come out, and she will always have to come out, and so I love welcoming Danielle for a get-together and talking to her heart to heart as we both try and figure things out together.

Danielle has already detailed so much of our outing, and so I will talk a little bit about my outfit because as you know, when two girls get together they always dress to impress the other girl. My top was a darling knit top from Ann Taylor with the cutest little bow shape gathered at the neckline, and the other day when I was trying to accessorize some outfits in my bedroom, I threw this Ann Taylor top on my bed, and it landed right next to a fun skirt from the Old Navy clearance rack that I also had laying out on the bed. I quickly noticed the beige color of the top matched the color of the fun bird pattern in the skirt, and I instantly knew that these two separates belonged together.

I was excited to wear this outfit on my excursion with Danielle, who was also beautifully dressed in a fun polka dot blouse layered over a black cami with a gray denim skirt wrapped around her lower half. The skirt still allowed Danielle to show off one of her best features, her beautiful legs!! After our fun drive into the canyon and realizing that there wasn't any place to relax at the lake, Danielle and I located a picnic area nearby with a bit of privacy and began to do what we girls do best: take pictures.
portrait of two crossdressers in the mountains
I thought that we were taking some pretty cute pictures, but when I got home later that day and looked through them, I could tell that it was just too bright outside. Pictures are super hard to do in direct sunlight, and that was definitely the case here, but when we took pictures in the shade, the background was still so bright behind us that our cameras weren't quite sure whether or not to focus on the pretty girls in the shade or the pretty scenery in the sunshine. I'm a little bit disappointed that the quality of the pictures aren't great, but we did manage the gem that I've posted above. As seen in that pic, the two of us finally settled in a small grove of trees with a felled log running through it allowing us to sit down, and the cameras were forgotten for at least 30 minutes as we just sat there as two girls and talked about life.

sideview of a crossdresser in a bikiniAfter a while of talking, it was time for me to do something that I've longed to do: wear a bikini outdoors. For a girl like me to fit into a bikini, there are definitely some logistics involved, but I felt as if I had worked enough of the kinks out that I at least wanted to try and wear it here in the mountains for a brief photo shoot. As Danielle and I walked back to my car to retrieve our change of clothes, I thought I heard a strange sound coming from beneath the hood of my car. I asked Danielle what that noise was, and we both listened closely, and sure enough, I had left my car running right there on the side of the busy canyon road for at least 30 minutes!!

Danielle and I both confirmed that my hair color was indeed blonde, and we had a good laugh over the matter. I just think I was so excited to be up in the mountains on a pretty day wearing a fun top and cute skirt that I forgot all about turning off the car. I quickly hopped into the front seat and finally turned off the car before changing into my bikini inside of my car parked on the side of the canyon road. I've done enough quick changes in my car the last few years that I wasn't worried a bit, and when I finally felt as if everything was crossdresser frolicking in the river in her bikinisituated properly, it was time to walk back down the steep slope to our little area and frolic around in my bikini.

Danielle took a little bit of video and then some pictures for me, and then I spent a minute or two splashing near the side of the river. It felt so good to be wearing a bikini outdoors with the warm sunshine cascading over my body, and while I had to stop here and there to make some adjustments, it was a fun first step for me. It was surprising just how fast the time flew, but as Danielle revealed, I just had to go back to the lake to take some pictures and video before we left, but I will talk more about that experience and reveal those pictures in Part II of this adventure.

In the mean time, we both had other affairs to attend to in the afternoon, and so it was time for us to scoot back down to the valley where our real lives were waiting for us. Although a great deal of our conversation can't be revealed here for privacy reasons, hopefully the pictures and video show what a fun time we had together in the mountains on a beautiful summer morning. Thanks again, Danielle!!

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