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Camping Crossdressed As A Girl

Whenever my summer girl time comes to an end, I like to conclude it with a super fun adventure. Two of the last three years, the musical, Wicked, has happened to be in town during my girl time, and I timed it so I could make that my last major adventure cross dressed as a girl. This year, there really wasn't anything going on at the theater that interested me, and so I decided to go camping as a girl. I have this super fun friend named Josey, and we live a few thousand miles apart, but it's still fun to correspond with her and talk about our various adventures. I can tell that both Josey and I are outdoor girls at heart, and so she joked with me one time that she was waiting to see pictures of me fishing as a girl. Well, Josey dear, I happen to have pictures of me fishing as a girl...and video, so thanks to your inspiration, I decided to cap off my summer girl time this year by going camping and fishing as a girl.

I'm sure the first activity a person would relate to a transgender girl or a crossdresser is not camping, but I like to do out of the ordinary things, and this one seemed like a fun challenge. My plan was to spend the night at a pretty campsite and then wear my bikini top to the lake the next morning. Planning for the trip wasn't too difficult, and after I loaded all of the necessary camping gear into my SUV, it was finally time to choose an outfit. That was when reality struck me pretty hard in the face because I have nothing in my wardrobe that would be suitable for camping. I didn't let that bother me too much since I had enough clothes that I could make do, and so I packed a bag (a Louis Vuitton bag!!) with my pink nightie, my bikini top and short-shorts, an extra bra, and then an outfit to wear fishing the next day. I also brought along my makeup and a few panty liners, and I was set.

As I drove up the mountain to my pre-determined campsite, I was hoping and praying that the people who set up that rogue tent in order to stake their claim wouldn't be there. Tonight was a Thursday night, and so I felt pretty good about my chances, but I was still nervous. I could only imagine what would happen if it was 11 PM at night and I was snuggled inside my sleeping bag in the tent wearing a pink nightie and those other campers came around. By the time I left my house, it was about 7:30 PM, and I was pretty sure the other campers would already be at the site if they were going to camp tonight, so I figured it would know as soon as I arrived whether or not I'd be camping tonight. As I pulled around the bend in the road, I was delighted when I found the small parking site next to the campsite unoccupied. I scooted down from the seat of my SUV and inspected the campsite, and it was just as I had remembered it from a few days ago. The dusty tent was still there untouched as was the firewood left behind and the dog leash tied to the tree. I knew I wasn't going to change into my nightie until about 10:30 PM, so I busied myself with setting up camp.

The first order of business was to set up my tent, and so I spread it out on the ground near the river and began setting up the fiberglass flex poles. Each time I heard the sound of a car or ATV approaching, I tensed up a bit. I wasn't worried about being seen if anyone came into the campsite and saw me dressed as a normal girl. I was worried that someone would come and kick me out of their spot because I had nowhere else to go. With that gnawing at the back of my mind, I got the tent set up safely and then retrieved a sleeping pad and sleeping bag from the SUV. I was super excited at the thought of this new challenge, and after my tent was situated, it was probably 8:30 PM and growing dark fast. I was sure at this point that the campsite was mine for the night, and so I relaxed a bit in my camping chair situated right next to the fire pit.  I needed to get a fire going so I could cook my dinner, but it felt so good to just relax for a few minutes and enjoy my surroundings.  I also didn't need to worry about daylight any more since my tent was set up and I could easily cook by the light of the fire.

As I had done the previous night when I cooked my dinner over a campfire, I brought some boards and my axe to chop the firewood, and then I still had firecracker brats and the homemade buns left over. I quickly set about to start the fire and stoke it high enough to give me sufficient coals with which to roast my brat. As the fire crackled, I set up my camera and took some pictures of me relaxing in my camp chair. The night air in the mountains was already getting quite chilly, and so I was glad to be wearing nylons although I'm pretty sure no one else in the canyon was wearing pantyhose while camping. :-)

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