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Purchasing Bras En Femme

July 14, 2010 - One of my favorite stores ever is Target. I like their fashions, and they're also reasonably priced. I also like Target's line of lingerie labeled Gilligan & O'Malley. Lately, I've been wanting to purchase a Gilligan & O'Malley bra, but I wanted to do it as a girl and not wimp out as I usually do by purchasing it online.

I noticed in the Target add this week that they were running a special where you could buy one Gilligan & O'Malley bra and get the other at 50% off, so that was the impetus I needed to get dressed up and go shopping for some bras.

I have been shopping at Target en femme many times in the past to try on shoes and browse through the women's clothing section, but I never had the courage to purchase anything because Target doesn't have self service registers, and I was always paranoid about the transaction at the register with a live human being since Target mostly employs college-aged kids or middle-aged women to run their registers.

a cross dresser ready to shop in the summerThat all changed today, however, because I was finally ready to purchase some bras at Target while dressed. I must also add that since starting nearly a year ago, I have met some fascinating people, and it is through their encouragement that I had the confidence to not only go shopping as a woman but to engage in a sales transaction as well.

Since it is the middle of summer, I wanted to wear something appropriate for the occasion, so I selected a short-sleeved cotton top from Old Navy in red and coupled that with a really fun white, cotton mini-skirt that I purchased at Walmart. I normally don't like to buy my clothes from Walmart, but this skirt was only five dollars and as cute as ever.

I debated on whether or not I should go bare-legged since I had my toenails painted a pink sparkly color, but in looking at recent pictures of me bare-legged, I decided that my legs look better in pantyhose, so I wore a pair of L'eggs Silken Mist toeless pantyhose in nude. To cap off the outfit, I wore a pair of flat strappy sandals in black. Due to the season, I also wore my hair pulled back in a ponytail, so I chose some silver hoop earrings for my ears. You can see my outfit pictured at right as I took a few pics of myself after I came home.

I didn't make it to Target until about 11:30 AM, and there were already a good deal of customers coming in and out of the store, most of them women around my age. I used to get extremely nervous with lots of people about, but I think sometimes it's actually better because there are more distractions for everyone else. You just act like you've been there before, and everything will be fine.

As far as I could tell, no one suspected anything, and that put me at ease from the beginning. Before I made it to the bra section, I passed the Misses and Women's section and decided to take a stroll through that department. Target had racks and racks of summer clothing on clearance, some as much as up to 75% off, but I didn't find anything that I just had to have. There were plenty of other ladies going through the clearance racks as well, but I just fit right in with them, and no one gave me any second glances.

After looking at some clothing items, I headed to the lingerie section to find some bras. I wasn't disappointed as I browsed through the racks and racks of bras. Unlike Walmart, Target presents their bras very professionally, and it's very easy to shop for them. I went through every style and color of bra at least twice but finally decided on two bras that I would purchase, both of them in white.

I was tempted to buy a bra in beige, but as I've written many times before on this website, my favorite color is white since I love to have my bra show through my top from behind. I was also extremely tempted to purchase a lacy bra, but I ended up choosing two plain looking bras that looked the most comfortable. The plain bras were also cheaper, and let's face it, since I don't wear a bra everyday (sigh), I didn't want to spend too much money on a more expensive bra just because of it's lace.

I selected one bra in 38C since that is the size that I usually wear, but I also selected a bra in 36A, which is my natural size. At times when I can't get fully dressed up yet I want to underdress a bra under my male clothing, I've always had to wear a B cup because I never owned an A cup bra, and I never liked how the B cup would bunch around my breasts since I couldn't fill it up properly. So I finally purchased a bra in my natural size to where everyday even when I'm not completely en femme.

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