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Running Errands and a Picnic as a Girl

July 8, 2010 - Today I had the entire day to myself, so of course my first choice was to spend it out and about. I woke up at 7:00 AM and took a quick shower. After my shower, I dressed into a bra and panties and then painted my toenails. Since it is the middle of summer, I wanted a bare toe look, so I painted them in a pink shade with little sparkles.

I had several errands to run, so I dressed in a very casual look that any women would wear in the summer. I chose a white tee shirt with half sleeves and complemented that with a pair of black capris that end just below my knees. I couldn't resist wearing pantyhose as well, but I chose toeless pantyhose so I could wear a pair of strappy black sandals.

I was really pleased with my look today, so it was easy to go out with confidence. My first stop was the post office where I needed to mail a few letters. Of course I could have just put them in the mail box at home for pick up, but I love to go to the post office while dressed whether it's to mail letters or buy stamps. I took my camera with me, but wasn't able to take a picture in front of the post office. It would have just seemed weird to set my camera up on it's tripod or on the roof of my car at a post office of all places.

crossdresserMy next stop was the gas station to fill up my car, and I did take a picture there. I put my purse on the roof of the car and then set the camera next to it and took a snapshot as I filled up my car. It's pretty safe to say this will be the first and last time that I take a picture of myself pumping gas. There was a guy in the lane right next to me washing his windshield, and I think he gave me a couple of looks, but they weren't looks of suspicion. I knew it was going to be a good day.

crossdressingI wanted to spend the afternoon in the mountains on a picnic, but the post office and gas station had gone so well that I just had to run into one of my favorite stores to do a little shopping. For some reason, I was thinking camisoles, so I headed straight to the cami section and picked out about 8 different camis to try on. I also chose a few shorts since it's summer and headed to the dressing room. I wanted to take a picture of me trying the clothes on, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to have a camera lens clicking in the dressing room. I did select three camisoles--one in yellow (pictured at right), one in pink, and one in gray. All of them are so girly and fun to wear. I passed on the shorts and then headed to the shoe section where I selected two pairs of pumps--one a brown pair with buckles and the other a pair of black pumps. I will of course model everything in short order, but for this entry the yellow cami will have to suffice.

I arrived home from my errands and shopping about noon and prepared a picnic lunch, but I didn't want to go to the woods just for a picnic, so I took three or four tops, a few skirts, and several pair of shoes, so I could take my picture in various outfits with various backdrops. It was a busy summer day with many people hiking, biking, or just enjoying a scenic drive, but I was able to change outfits several times in the great outdoors. I don't think anybody saw me changing, but if they did, so be it.

The first outfit I modeled was the outfit I was wearing that morning. I found a nice wooded area just off of a trail and took a few snapshots.

cross dressingI next kept on my white tee shirt but removed my capris in favor of a pink skirt with white polka dots and pink heels. It was a bit difficult walking around the dirt trails in my heels, but it was fun to be out there in such a sexy outfit. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the light shining through the trees in spots would affect my pictures so much, but I did manage a few photos in my white and pink outfit. The pictures aren't entirely clear, but you get the gist.

cross dressing pinkFor my next outfit, I kept my pink skirt on but changed my top into a casual blue cardigan with small white buttons down the front. There was a creek nearby, so I decided to take my picture next to the creek; however, the lighting was all wrong, and the pictures of me in this outfit didn't turn out at all. I'll post two of them from a link at the end of this entry, one of which is a shot of my behind, and I must say I'm pleased with the shape of my rear ;) .

I was starving by this time, so I hopped back in my car to look for a little bit different scenery and a place where I could sit down and eat lunch. There were several picnic areas nearby, but I didn't want to take my picture sitting at an iron picnic bench, so I drove until I found a cute rock wall that stood next to a tiny brook. After I parked my car, I changed out of my pink skirt and lunching while cross dressedput on my Eddie Bauer knee-length skirt that is a light beige. I ate my lunch on the rock wall, and then posed for a few pictures.

cross dressing a mini skirtAfter lunch, I changed into a completely different outfit, a short-sleeve top in red and a black mini-skirt. I wore open toe sling back heels to complete the outfit and had a complete ball modeling my mini-skirt in the woods. At least two dozen cars drove by as I was taking my pictures, but I didn't care. Everything was just so pretty, and I was having so much fun with my outfits that I didn't care what anyone thought.

I headed for home at 3 PM but was so tempted to make another detour...anywhere just to give me more time out and about. I ended up going home so I could get at least one photo shoot in for the day. I changed my red top in favor of the yellow cami I had purchased that morning and took about two dozen photos in the yellow cami and black mini-skirt. The cami was skimpy enough that it didn't cover my entire bra, so I changed into one of the prettiest bras I own, a crème-colored bra by Maidenform in an A cup.

I've added several photos from my day throughout this entry, but click here to see larger versions of all of my outfits for the day.

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