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Tights in Tokyo

In the fall of 2004 I was sent to Tokyo, Japan for an entire month in order to assist one of our clients get up to speed on our software. The client rented for me what's called an apartment hotel. It's simply a small hotel room with a furnished kitchen and a washer and dryer. The maid only comes once a week to clean, and it's a cheaper alternative than staying at an actual hotel.

Realizing I would be alone in Tokyo for a month, I just had to take a wig, makeup, some girls clothes, and a pair of pumps along with the usual pantyhose and lingerie that I always pack for business trips.

If you've ever traveled to the Orient from the United States, you know that the jet lag affects you to where you arise very early in the morning and get tired about 6 PM in the evening. It's actually a healthy schedule, so I took full advantage of it my first ten days or so there.

At the time, many of the business women in Japan were wearing what they called ami-tights. I learned that "ami" means to weave, so ami-tights are like opaque tights, but they have different patterns woven into them. The fancier tights were sold in department stores, but the convenience stores also sold a few versions. Like any normal girl, I had to have a pair of ami-tights for myself, so I decided to pay a visit to a nearby convenience store crossdressed as a woman of course.
a crossdresser in a white turtleneck, skirt, suntan pantyhose, and black pumps
In my mind, I had two obstacles to overcome in order to venture outside dressed as a woman. First, the apartment hotel had no stairs that the occupants could use outside of an emergency. This meant that I would have to take the elevator down 23 floors to get to the ground level. The second obstacle was the staff at the front desk who were there from 6 AM to 10 PM and stationed right by the elevators. My fear was that they wouldn't recognize me as a guest or that they would indeed recognize me as a man crossdressing as a woman and call the police, so I didn't want to take the chance.

This required me to arise early, get dressed up including doing my makeup, and then make it to the convenience store and back before 6 AM. The jet lag was still in my favor, so sometime during that first week, I got up at 4:30 AM, washed my face, and began applying my makeup. When my makeup was finished, I dressed into a white long-sleeve turtleneck, a beige Eddie Bauer skirt, suntan pantyhose, and my black Ferragamo pumps. I also decided that I would cross dress in Tokyo as a brunette.  I was ready to go by about 5:20 AM, so I nervously grabbed my hotel key card and headed for the elevators. Riding the elevators was quite stressful because I didn't know if someone else would get on, a scenario that would have made me too nervous to bear, but luck was on my side due to the early morning hour.

I made it safely outside and immediately felt that sensation of being dressed like a woman outdoors. I savored the walk down to the convenience store, which was about 500 meters away. I didn't pass anyone on the sidewalk, but a few cars did pass by. When I made it to the convenience store, I noted that a young man was staffing the register. For some reason, I hoped that it would be a girl, but it wasn't. I walked into the convenience store, and I'm positive the worker knew that I was a man dressed as a woman, but I was already committed at this point.

a crossdresser wearing black fishnet stocking tights I walked back to the section where they stocked the pantyhose and tights and selected a pair of black-checkered ami-tights. I didn't want to give the impression that I was there just to buy pantyhose, so I quickly thought of something else that I could buy as camouflage so to speak. I realized that I didn't have anything back at the hotel with which to remove my makeup, so I grabbed a small package of wetwipes and headed to the register. The guy behind the counter looked uncomfortable, but I wasn't too worried because I knew I'd never see him again...well, not dressed as a woman.

I made my purchase and headed back outside in the direction of the apartment hotel. I would have wanted to take a long walk around the neighborhood as the sun was beginning to rise, but I wanted to make it back to the hotel before 6 AM. The walk back was short, and there was no activity going on at the hotel. I also made it back up to the 23rd floor alone in the elevator although deep down inside part of me wishes someone had ridden the elevator so I could have seen their reaction. I made it back to my room about 5:45 AM and immediately tried on my new tights and modeled them in front of the full length mirror with the two skirts I took to Tokyo.

During my month in Tokyo, I did take several walks around the area at night while crossdressed as a woman. I had to do this after 10 PM in order to avoid the staff at the front desk, but Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. I would walk to a nearby park near the train station and find a quiet place where I could just sit and cross my legs. I never did have a close call, and it was a successful crossdressing month. My only regret is that I never gathered the courage to go down and eat my breakfast while crossdressed. Having said that, I wore a bra and panties the entire time, and on most mornings I would wear nude pantyhose with shorts as I ate my breakfast. I also washed my pantyhose often and would let them drip dry in my room. On days when the maid would come in to clean, I didn't bother putting them away. I wonder what she thought?

That experience was the only time that I've fully crossdressed and ventured out in public on a business trip. And I must say, if you have a pantyhose fetish and admire scores of women wearing pantyhose on a daily basis, there is no better place to visit than Japan. crossdresser

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