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Celebrating July 4th as a Girl

Today I thought it would be fun to take pictures of my entire day from morning to night just to give everyone a glimpse of my routine when I have my girl time. Also, since today was the fourth of July, I knew that I would have a very leisurely day doing anything that I pleased, so here goes with a little bit different blog entry. My day always starts out with my throwing off the covers and stretching a bit on the bed while wearing my pink nightie and support pantyhose. I keep telling myself that sometimes I should try sleeping in a cami and cotton shorts, but each night, I just have to slip into my nightie. I also make support pantyhose part of my routine regardless of the temperature because my legs feel so refreshed in the morning after wearing them.

After stretching for a bit on the bed and waiting for the cobwebs to dissipate from my empty blonde head, I next like to sit on the edge of the bed and cross my legs in the morning sunshine. I just love how the morning light shines on my legs, and so I sit for a moment on the edge of the bed in a silky nightie and silky pantyhose on my legs taking in just how wonderful it is to be a girl.

Once I hop off of the bed, I like to open the shutters and gaze out into my back yard and admire the pretty flowers, my garden, and the leaves of the large maple tree just outside of my window. Someday, I hope to be able to wear a sundress and wander through the garden and perhaps take of my sandals and walk barefoot on the cool grass, but with my current set of neighbors who all have windows facing my back yard, I don't dare do that just yet.

When I am ready to finally begin my day, I go into my walk in closet and slip off my nightie and then decide what to wear for the day, and as is usually the case, my bra and panties did not match again today. One of my favorite methods to falling asleep the night before is to plan my outfit in my head, where I will go, and what exactly I'll do, and with today being the fourth of July, I knew that I wanted to wear my Old Navy flag tank top out and go to a baseball game. I initially paired my tank top with some khaki shorts, and I first started out by tucking the tank top into the shorts, but as the morning progressed, I didn't like the look and so I changed out the shorts in favor of a denim mini-skirt, but more on my outfit change later.

After putting on some clothes, I walked out to the kitchen to have breakfast. In the summer time when it gets so hot, I just love to have cold cereal for breakfast and so I grabbed the milk out of the refrigerator and then opened a box of Mini Wheats. As I removed the milk from the fridge, I noticed that I was nearly out, so I guess I'm going to have to run to the supermarket soon...dressed as a girl of course to pick up some milk and other items. As I ate my cereal this morning, I was careful not to let my long hair get in the way, and it helped that I had clipped my long bangs over to one side with a large, red barrette.

After finishing my cereal, it was time to brush my teeth, and I took plenty of pictures of me brushing my teeth in the bathroom mirror, but my face is so contorted and funny that I thought I'd just post a pic of me flossing my teeth instead. After brushing my teeth, it was time to touch up my lipstick and put the finishing touches on my makeup and then get ready to go enjoy some baseball.

I ended up pairing my Old Navy flag tank with a denim mini skirt that I purchased a few days ago, and once I did that, I realized that the blue denim was a more appropriate color than khaki considering this was a holiday to celebrate the birth of my country. When I was satisfied with my look, it was time to grab my purse and my camera and then make the fifteen minute drive to the ballpark.

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