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My Wife's Reminder

During the height of my crossdressing as a married man, I would pack panties and pantyhose in my suitcase every time I traveled. My wife is used to this and thinks nothing of it. One year I traveled to Vancouver on business in late October. I would be there for the full work week, so I left Sunday night and returned home Saturday morning. I was getting carried away with my crossdressing at the time, so I determined to myself that I would make this particular trip pantyhose free. I packed my suitcase and carried it downstairs setting it by the door. As my wife and I were going through that last minute mental checklist to see if I was prepared before she drove me to the airport, she asked me, "did you pack any pantyhose?" I told her that I hadn't, so she quickly said, "it's going to be cold out there. You better go and get some." How could I disobey that suggestion? I ran upstairs and pulled a handful of pantyhose and tights and a few pairs of panties from my drawer and hurried back down to throw them in my suitcase. Needless to say I wore panties and pantyhose every day that week thanks to my wife. I'm sure had I followed my original plan not to take them that around Wednesday I would have gone into withdrawal and gone out and bought some anyway. Still, it was thrilling to have my wife remind me to pack my pantyhose for the trip.

crossdressing man in a nightgownAs an aside, while I did wear panties and pantyhose every day in Vancouver, by about Wednesday I had nothing else to sleep in, so I did go to the local Sears to buy a nightgown. The problem was it closed at 5 or 6 PM so I ended up going to the only other place I could find, a Woolworth's type store where the only nightgown on hand was the one I'm pictured in below. I guess you could say that my trip to Vancouver was a crossdressing success, so riding the wave I wore coffee colored pantyhose  with a sheer toe under my jeans with sandals and no socks for the trip home. I still remember going through airport security and removing my sandals and also sitting in the departure lounge with my legs crossed and pantyhosed feet showing through for anyone to see. There are times like that when I simply don't care what anyone thinks. I wish I felt that confident all the time when dressed, but practice makes perfect. Click here to see a short fashion show of my plain, blue nightie. crossdresser

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