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Near-miss with the Boss

a cross dresser in a pink slip and pantyhoseOne of my most daring crossdressing acts occurred on the same business trip I mentioned on my history page where I told my wife over the phone that I had purchased some tights to keep warm. I was in Korea for two weeks, and my boss was flying over to meet me for one week as we were setting up the network for a new client. I was crossdressing like crazy at the hotel and would sleep in a pink full slip, bra and panties, and of course pantyhose (pictured at right).

During the week that my boss was there, we ran into a problem at the client's site that necessitated a conference call with the home office back in the states. Due to the time difference, we had to schedule the call for 3 AM our time, so my boss said he'd give me a wake up call and to come to his room where we'd hold the call from his phone.

I remember when the wake-up call came, I got up and sat on the side of the bed trying to clear the cobwebs in my head. I was wearing the usual lingerie, but I just didn't feel like changing out of it to attend the conference call, so I changed my pantyhose to a nude shade, put on the bathrobe supplied by the hotel over my lingerie, donned the hotel slippers, and then headed to my bosses room for the call. I couldn't help but to look down at my legs in the hallway and notice the sheen the pantyhose gave off, but I didn't legs looked great! I walked into my bosses room and sat down at the little table with the phone in the middle. I tried to keep my legs out of his sight line and keep the robe closed up high to cover the pink lace on my slip, but I'm not sure how well I did. He never did mention anything, but I always wonder if he noticed his subordinate wearing a full pink slip and pantyhose under his bathrobe for that conference call. Click here to see a back view of my pink slip as well.

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