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My Extended Girl Time During The Summer Of 2014

As my summer girl time draws to an end, I like to look back on my thoughts, behaviors, and trends over the last few weeks in order to gauge the general direction in which I'm heading as a male to female cross dresser. I also want to create a single place where I can link to each day of my adventures so down the road I can look back on the summer of 2014 and recall my female mindset at the time. As a result, here are just a few topics that stood out to me this summer as I experienced a few precious weeks en femme with all of my updates linked in the far right column.

Evolution of LisaGirl
I began my online cross dressing diary in August of 2009, and at the time my mindset was, "I have a story to tell, so now I just need pictures to go along with it." The result was that I would script these huge photo shoots where I would list all possible outfits that I could put together with my wardrobe at the time, and then I'd spend hours upon hours at a time posing in front of the camera changing outfits as I went. That method continued for about two years until I felt as if I had sufficiently revealed my past and captured enough photos of my outfits.

Caught up on my past in the summer of 2011, it was then time to establish my future, and so I actively began integrating myself into public as a male to female cross dresser carefully documenting my adventures along the way and making full use of my cell phone camera and any mirror which I happened to encounter. It's interesting to me to see how I've forced myself out of my shell so to speak graduating from the private photo sessions next to my closet to very public photo sessions at venues such as the grocery store, the library, the lingerie department, the theater, etc.

Pantyhose Scorecard
Along with the evolution of my website and personal cross dressing activities, the percentage of outings where I'm wearing pantyhose has also significantly changed. Prior to the summer of 2013, I had never gone out in public without wearing nylons, but as I look back on the summer of 2014, I only wore pantyhose in public twice. I wore them once to try on dresses at Kohl's, and then I wore them once when I attended the musical Wicked. This certainly doesn't mean that I have abandoned pantyhose altogether because I wore them daily around the house and nightly to bed as seen in the pic above, but I think it is an indication of my efforts to transform into a regular girl because like it or not, regular girls these days rarely wear pantyhose.

Affection for Two A-cup Bras
One of the funnest things about exploring ones female side is new discoveries whether it's effective makeup tips, a new hairstyle, or the joy of painted toenails. And it seems that whenever I have extended girl time, I always discover something subtle yet new that I never really appreciated before. For the summer of 2014, my favorite discovery was the beauty of my natural breasts. Now, my natural breasts are not large at all, and I struggle to fill out even a simple A-cup bra, but during those times when I couldn't appear en femme from the neck up, I always wore an A-cup bra beneath my top. After securing my bra in place, I would then reach inside both cups and bring my breast towards the center of the bra which would give the appearance of greater volume. I wore my A-cup bras every where I had to be a guy, and every time I passed a mirror or my reflection, it brought me immense joy to see a hint of my natural breasts. I can only imagine that this is a similar feeling that all girls go through when they first start wearing bras, and I'm just glad that I can get a taste of this sensation too even if it is 32 years too late. :-)  Coming in a close second place were my denim short-shorts, which I actually wore out four or five times.

Bra and Panties Pictures
I don't post many pics of me modeling bras and panties for the simple reason that they don't look good on me. Let's face it, the way that we girls are plumbed, it's difficult to wow in a pair of panties, and then with our modest breast tissue, it's really hard to fill out the cups of a bra in order to produce a stunning picture worthy of a lingerie catalog. As a result, you don't find many pictures of me wearing lingerie; however, it doesn't mean that I haven't taken a lot of them. I think my favorite pic of me modeling lingerie from my recent girl time was this one where I'm sporting a black Lily of France bra with matching silk panties.

Possible Meetings with Friends
Unfortunately, I was unable to meet up with any of my girl friends this summer even though I was in talks with three or four of them to try and meet up. For whatever reason, it never worked out, but I know how that goes, and it's a circumstance that we just have to deal with. When I met Heidi Phox back in May for an afternoon of shopping, that was the first time that I've ever socialized with anyone as Lisa, and it was definitely a new experience for me. It's something that I must get better at, and so hopefully in the near future I will be able to post more adventures of me going out with some of my girl friends. I must say that just the mere thought of going to a sit-down restaurant or viewing a movie with another girl has my interest piqued and reminds me that there is still lots that I can accomplish as a girl.

The Summertime Blues
Inevitably, my extended girl time always has to come to an end, and I always start feeling the blues when that happens. It's countered by the fact that I get to be reunited with my family, but I can definitely detect it when the girl inside of me is begging for just a few more moments before being tucked away again for a season. It's something that all of us girls go through, but we're buoyed up by the hope and realization that the girl still lives inside each of us, and she will get to come out an play once more.

Update 1
New jersey dress at Vanity Fair

Update 2
Shopping in Minnie Mouse tee and short shorts

Update 3
Shopping with the guys at Lowe's

Update 4
Summer separates at Old Navy

Update 5
Trying on summer dresses at Kohl's

Update 6
New maxi skirts at Gordman's

Update 7
Stopped at LAX for wearing a bra

Update 8
Shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren

Update 9
Jogging as a girl

Update 10
New panties and a summer dress

Update 11
Ballgame in a frilly cami and my short shorts

Update 12
Quest for new Vanity Fair panties

Update 13
Crossdressed at the library

Update 14
Lisa gets Wicked ... again!!

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