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A Night at the Opera

In the spring of 2006, I made the first attempt of my life to attend a public gathering dressed as a woman; in this case the theater. A Broadway touring company was in town and performing the Phantom of the Opera. My wife and kids would be away from home for a few days while the musical was still in town, so I mustered up the courage to buy a single ticket and attend the event cross dressed as a woman. My wife and I actually attended the musical together before she left, so it gave me a good chance to familiarize myself with the venue.

Still, not a whole lot went to my satisfaction on the big day as this was my first attempt at such an adventure. I didn't get out of work as fast as I had hoped, so I was rushing from the start as I hopped in the shower to shave. I decided on wearing a long-sleeved wine-colored dress by Laura Ashley that I had purchased off of eBay, and the dress has quite a low v-neck, so I needed to ensure that my chest was properly shaved as well as my face.

My make-up was passable, but for some reason I just couldn't get my hair to look as naturally as I hoped. I don't remember how much time I spent fiddling with it in front of the mirror, but I had run out of time, so I donned a pair of L'eggs sandlefoot pantyhose in a taupe color and pulled on my dress. I wore a pair of brown strappy shoes with modest heels about 1 1/2" high and then headed for the car to start my 35 minute drive.

One of the most difficult things about running late is finding a parking place downtown, so rather than try and get too close to the theater, I decided to park a few blocks away in one of those lots where you put money into a little slit in a metal box that matches the number of your parking stall. At the exact time that I was heading to the box to pay, the owner was there with the box open checking the people who had paid. One of my least favorite things to do when dressed as a woman is try and speak like one when I'm unprepared, but I had no choice as I handed him my money and gave him the number of my parking stall. I'm not sure if he suspected anything because I was in too much of a rush.

There wasn't a lot of foot traffic on the streets as I hurried toward the theater, and besides, everyone is in such a hurry downtown anyway that I didn't notice any looks as I passed by. There was one problem, however, and that was a decent wind that was blowing into my face and disheveling my hair, but I was running out of time and couldn't stop and fix it, so I just ran into the theater as-is with about two minutes to spare. I must have been one of the last patrons to enter the building because there was no one else in the foyer as I handed my ticket to the two ladies waiting at the gate. I guessed by the looks that they gave me that they suspected I was a man in drag, and this made me too nervous to stop and accept a playbill from one of them.

I entered the theater and found my section and row and only then realized that I would be sitting in the very middle. I excused myself as I walked past eight to ten people to find my seat. On my left was an older lady probably in her late fifties who was with a group of couples the same age. On my right was a young couple probably in their mid-twenties, and maybe it was just paranoia, but I assumed that the people on both sides of me suspected that I was a man dressed as a woman.

This made it unable for me to really enjoy the show because I was too worried about what the people around me thought instead of just relaxing and enjoying the performance. I have since learned that it's okay if people suspect that I'm a man dressed as a woman because that's really what I am.

At the end of the performance, I stood and clapped with everyone else, but I couldn't hurry out of the theater as I was stuck right in the middle of the row. I didn't really notice any glances as I exited the theater among the throng of people, but I can still remember the exhilaration of finally reaching the doors and exiting the building. Outside it was dark and cool, and I had several city blocks to walk in order to get to my car. I think I finally enjoyed myself for the first time that night as I walked along the sidewalks glancing at my reflection in the shop windows. It felt great to enjoy the fresh air and walk along the city streets in a dress and heels.

I really wasn't able to enjoy the show, but the adventure taught me a lot and helped me in my future endeavors to venture out in public dressed as a woman. I have attended the theater multiple times dressed as a woman since that experience, and each successive adventure seems to go better than the last. Part of it is that I'm getting better and better at presenting myself, but the more you experience it, the more relaxed you become.

Pictured above is the dress I wore to the Phantom of the Opera that night. My shoes are different in these pictures, and I'm also wearing a nude shade of pantyhose instead of the darker taupe. Click here to view a few more pictures of me in this dress. 

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